2022 – Year of The Lovers

I’ve been looking forward to 2022 for many reasons, and I’m excited to name a few in this weblog post for you.

But first, let’s take a quick glimpse back upon 2021 V The Hierophant. Two roles present themselves when I ponder the purpose of this image exemplar:

  1. A spiritual leader who is a conduit of Divine wisdom, channeling from the higher dimensions to the lower dimension.
  2. An archetypal teacher, first studying lessons, then sharing what they have learned with others, customized to reach each specific audience.

This past year has certainly been one of studying and increasing my knowledge in all areas of interest to me. My Divine guidance was to open an online Meetup group, Katrina’s Tarot & Oracle Global Meetup Circle (GMC), which has been such a wonderful resource for us to expand our knowledge and experience with Tarot, oracles, reading skills, and learning from so many fabulous guest mentors. I’m currently in the planning stage for the 2022 schedule and would love hearing from you and your recommendations.

So, carrying forward this momentum from last year, 2022 (Numerology 2+0+2+2=6) is represented by VI The Lovers card in Tarot, which takes us from channeling, absorbing, and sharing Divine lessons from V The Hierophant, to practicing them in real life. We practice and bounce our ideas, behaviors, and energy off of, or with, “others”, especially those who are different than how one perceives oneself in that moment. Otherness is contrast, sometimes conflict, and “VI The Lovers” invites one to create bridges of understanding between self and other…and within oneself.

What do I mean by “within” oneself? Without getting too metaphysical or psychological, suffice it to say that we have multiple inner personalities and perspectives. As Carl Jung (Swiss Analyst) proposed, within the masculine psyche is an inner feminine which he called the “Anima”…while the same is true for the feminine psyche, called the “Animas.” This is an interesting, binary way of looking at one’s inner Lovers, embracing and creating bridges of understanding and compassion for both sides of oneself…as well as outer representations of Beingness.

Another Jungian concept is the “Shadow” which is characterized as a part of one’s psyche that is shunned or avoided, ignored and/or projected upon others. Example, I could have a dislike of loud voices and have a judgement against those who speak in loud tones. Below the surface, what I may not be in touch with is my own powerful voice and suppressing my use of this aspect of myself. Thus, The Lovers is an invitation to get to know these hidden parts and bring them to the surface…to heal…to be loved.

Here are questions I will ask myself for 2022:

  • What have I explored in 2021 that I can use in 2022 for connecting with others?
  • What encounters with otherness do I resist? How can I embrace otherness?
  • How can I be a better “lover”, or “LoveLight” for Creator’s work, or light, in this world?

So far, 2022 is encouraging me to reach out to all, love us all, and exude excitement about being guided to offer new, more dynamic ways for us to heal old traumas, conflicts, and raise self-esteem…to be better lovers of oneself, and one’s life. Please join my GMC group to receive announcements about these new offerings.

If you are interested in a deeper psychological review of VI The Lovers, please visit my weblog post, link here.

For a more complete and dynamic exploration of the power of this year, please join me at the StaarCon hybrid Tarot conference (online, and in-person for those attending in Florida) by Christiana Gaudet. I will be presenting “2022 VI The Lovers – Embracing a Year of Love and Healing“…link here!

Hope we continue to have cyber-social contact through the many wonderful opportunities to gather online this year…Happy New Year! Many blessings, Katrina

Card image: “6 Wish-fulfilling Gem” from The Secret Dakini Oracle by Penny Slinger / Nik Douglas

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