What is Transformative Tarot Consulting™ like in a reading?

This is the great mystery…and difficult to define, for every reading is so unique and none can represent all.

Can I be any more vague? HaHa!

But really, this is the reason I don’t post YouTube videos of me giving readings to others, for I never know what might be triggered by the reading, or what assumptions folks might make about this style if they don’t understand the process.

Yet, I’ve had the wonderful opportunity to be on a few podcasts and video interviews where I described this topic, or used myself as a sample reading. I’d like to use these recordings to illustrate some of what I do…and teach.

StaarCast with Christiana Gaudet – “Explorations in Tarot Cards and Counseling with Katrina Wynne

I have to admit, this is my favorite interview for we had 40 minutes to explore topics such as: Tarot Counseling, Pathworking with Tarot Numerology, my Tarot origin story, and more. Christiana is such a Tarot pro herself, our conversation was dynamic.

Little Zen Crone – “Wine and Tarot with Special Guest Katrina Wynne

30 minutes into this fun interview hosted by Jill, one of my students, we go into the specifics of my reading style and give a couple of examples, including a 4-card “Transformative Tarot Counseling spread” reading with myself. Although I share two sample readings in my Transformative Tarot Counseling book, this is the only time I’ve demonstrated this reading in public…along with comments about how it works.

SoulTopia – Katrina Wynne on SoulWhat

Michelle and Roger Welch are a delightful and creative couple who host these regular video chats. After 8 minutes, we get into some interesting discussions about the direction of Tarot, psychological influences, and more.

David Lacopo – “The Light and Love Transformative Tarot Telesummit with Katrina Wynne

I love this session as I talk about energy, essence, and Tarot reading. It’s a presentation, and includes much about the major arcana cards, and I finish with an exercise for the viewers, with wonderful guidance.

Psychic Access Talk Radio with Maureen Holleran & friends – “Transformative Tarot Counseling with Katrina Wynne, M.A.

For the first hour, Maureen and Katrina talk about what Transformative Tarot Counseling is and how Katrina developed this reading style.

For a more complete list of my various Media Appearances, please follow this link. In addition, you’ll find wonderful interviews with great folks, but some of the links are no longer active.

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