Can Tarot be a Spiritual and Healing Tool?

Short answer…”Yes, absolutely”…and the heart feels this to be true.

But, the mind is saying…”How?”, “Show Me!”, and wants more information.

In my 50+ years of living with Tarot as my guide, it has always been a spiritual light and shadow teacher, a mirror of my soul’s journey, and something I teach and write about.

This year I received a morning “download”…which is a major source for noticing instructions from Great Spirit…this time, inspiring me to start a new Tarot/oracle program specifically designed to address the “How”, and to engage students in their own practice of wholeness and healing utilizing the spiritual technology of Tarot and oracle cards.

In my world, wholeness, balance, and healing are all psycho-spiritual processes, intertwined while embracing the psychological as well as the spiritual. My new instructions were to create separate online programs that tease these two areas apart, one being solely focused on the soulful journey, while the other appealing to those already working within the counseling professions. The later I’ll save for a future post.


2023 I launch this new program designed to highlight the healing potential within Tarot and oracle readings…healing on many levels, especially our Spirit, which the Tarot communes with so easily. This is offered through Global Spiritual Studies (GSS) as a recorded program. Please join my newsletter list for the latest information about my offerings…link here.

What’s so unique about this program is that it can be approached three different ways, to suit your needs:

  1. Pick any or all four individual recorded online classes created to teach to understand, and then and train you to utilize Tarot and oracle cards as tools of spiritual transformation and awakening.
  2. The “bundled” program is for the self-directed student, working at your own pace, as you take yourself through a guided program, using these four classes, plus additional video and handout instructions for you to pull it all together as a journey of discovery.
  3. I highly recommend the annual online 5-week course, offered each February 15th, with live supervision and co-heart Study Buddies, to practice what you’ve learned and receive more personal guidance from me.

Chakras, Gemstones, Tarot & (other Tools for) Healing

But…Why wait to begin your studies in this program! I’m offering a rare live session while we are recording the online class on GSS, and I’ve added extra time at the end of the class for Q & A and personal exchanges. Follow this link for more information and to register.

As time unfolds, I’ll be adding more resources to this program as it expands to enfold many of the unique Tarot decks, books, and resources for this spiritual approach to Tarot and oracles.

Feel free to visit my website:

Katrina reading Tarot at Beloved Festival, Tidewater, Oregon – photo by Renee’ Slade

Katrina reading Tarot at Beloved Festival, Tidewater, Oregon - photo by Renee' Slade

Photo: Voyager Tarot by James Wanless, on altar

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