The Traveling Blue Nails…

My 2015 Tarot Tour was a wonderful adventure filled with exciting Tarot events, teachers, students, clients, friends, and birds.

…it all started with my arrival in Portland, when I decided to gift myself, early, with my annual mani pedi spa treatment. I had chosen purple polish for my once a year splurge, but then a small voice in my head said, try blue…


I loved this color and noticed immediately upon preparing my Voyager Tarot cards for reading that they were a perfect match! Now I was ready to read and teach at New Renaissance Bookshop with extra pizazz.


The next week rolled out the first Northwest Tarot Symposium (NWTS), a fabulous gathering of Tarot and oracle enthusiasts. The first and only Tarot conference in Portland was the American Tarot Association (ATA) event, where I was teaching on September 9, 2001…a date I can not forget and wrote about in a previous blog here. Their second ATA event in 2003 cancelled at the last minute, but a group of us presenters had an intimate gathering and gave each other samples of our presentations.

Bonnie Cehovet did a comprehensive 3-part series where she reports on the many wonderful goings on at this NWTS. I would like to share a few photos with you below.


Personally, I enjoyed my time hanging with dear Tarot friends, especially Oracle Soup podcast sister, Gina Thies, and our fascinating buddy, Mark Ryan (Wildwood Tarot & app). There just isn’t enough time to cover all the things we stay up until the wee hours of the night to converse about.


My blue nails were a big hit with James Wanless, who was not only a good sport, but very enthusiastic about my painting his nails the same color and blending our spirits together with his Voyager Tarot deck.


Of course, I love blending and was very excited to share my newest presentation on the “Sexual Symbolism & Meaning in Tarot“, which is now being offered as a webinar. Please follow this link to register for this in-depth, 2-part course which includes multiple deck images, from flirty to X-rated (pg-13).

If you were not able to attend NWTS this year, never fear, we have a date for 2016…..March 4-6. Just follow this link to pre-register and receive a great discount.

Next stop….Denver, Colorado, where the largest Tarot Meetup group in the USA is hosted by the lovely Joy Vernon and her wonderful Tarot Tribe. There were so many Tarot and oracle activities going on that week, I was jumping from class to expo, back to my classes (Dreamwork & Tarot, 4 Stages of Highly Meaningful Reading), dinner with the Tarot gals, and then two days of private sessions at Isis Books & Gifts, a fabulous venue stocked with tons of decks.


What struck me during my stay in Denver is that somehow the sun was following me all the way from Yachats on the Oregon Coast. Not a cloud in the sky, although there was snow piled up on the shady side of buildings from the weather the week before. This strange, clear, warm weather followed me all the way to the end of my Tarot Tour.

Just before jetting off to the Southeast I stopped by The Apple Store for a “Genius Bar” appointment. What a surprise as I waited for my session…bigger than life, Stevie Wonder walked right up to me to touch the laptop next to where I was sitting. We had such a loving exchange, touched hands, and were humored by the fact that we are both “Taurus” sun signs. Wish I could have stayed one more night to attend his show in Denver.


The down side is the “geniuses” at Apple wiped out my iPad with some very important data…ugh…. Good thing I am a Taoist. I go with the flow of life, the ups and downs, and keep my center.

Flew overnight to Orlando and slept on the bus ride across to the Tampa Bay area. I’m a southern gal and have missed the diversity of trees from the gulf coast. Heat slows one down a bit and life can be peaceful…until you need to drive somewhere. Kept wishing I had a motorcycle to zip around.


There was so much more traffic than I remember from my last trip there in 1991. That was my last visit with my native sister before she married. It was so wonderful to hug again and meet her twin teen boys.


What a delight to finally meet Christiana Gaudet, the dynamic host of the Tampa Bay Area Tarot Meetup where I shared an intensive “Introduction to the Petite Lenormand.” My next class was at Gaia Spiritual Doorways, a full house, where we explored the multiple dimensions of the “Sacred Journey of the Soul – through the major arcana of the Tarot.” For those who would like a copy of this amazing lesson, here is a link to my recorded webinar of the same title.


Besides being able to just chill during the comfortable early spring weather of Florida, I continued my Tarot and oracle research. The Salvador Dali’ Museum in St. Petersburg was spectacular. I love being able to walk up to an original painting and take up close photos of parts as well as the whole image. It is fascinating to study the details and process of the artist. While there a light bulb went off for another project I would like to produce. My ideas never cease….if only I had the time to finish them all, HaHa.


One of these ongoing projects is Katrina’s Personal Lenormand deck, featured this July in the Tarot Lover’s Calendar. Every image is a photo I have taken, or was taken of me, or a self-portrait. Two symbols have alluded me since I live in the Pacific NW….the fox and the stork. The closest I could come to the stork is the blue heron that visits my property along the river. Well….rumor had it that storks visited the neighborhood where I was staying. My last day there they finally appeared and the neighbor gave me food to feed them, plus they posed for several photos. Now….for the fox….might have to substitute my cat….


The traveling blue nails finally returned home to my NW forest retreat…contemplating the grass that had grown while I was gone…time to get busy in the garden…bye bye blue nails…



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Katrina’s 2015 Tarot Tour

This year’s Tarot Tour stretches from the Northwest Coast to Southeast’s Gulf Coast, Oregon to Florida, and parts in between.

New Renaissance Bookshop
New Renaissance Bookshop

Katrina kicks off this year’s Tarot Tour closer to home with a train trip to Portland, Oregon. On Friday, February 27th, she offers her annual workshop, “Finding Your Soul Purpose and Path in Life” at New Renaissance Bookshop (NRB). This is an empowering experiential time for participants to tune into their core strengths and gifts, then turn their focus to actualizing their greatest potential, enhancing their every thought and deed. Private sessions are available February 28 – March 2 by contacting or stopping by NRB for an appointment. NWTS_85x11_poster_WEB-387x500 Northwest Tarot Symposium starts the next Friday, March 6th, with a fun and intimate “Southern Hospitality Soiree” hosted by Oracle Soup podcast sisters, Gina Thies and Katrina Wynne. This premiere event proceeds through the weekend with fabulous presentations and a full Tarot and oracle venue with lots of goodies. James Wanless and Barbara Moore are the keynote speakers. If you can’t make the full weekend, come Sunday for Katrina’s updated “Sexual Symbolism and Meaning in Tarot” PowerPoint presentation, including sensual exercises…hope you like chocolate!

Denver, Colorado
Denver, Colorado

Next, off to the Rocky Mountain state to revisit the Denver Tarot Meetup tribe to rekindle the exciting relationship we started in 2012. Saturday, March 14th has back-to-back classes, beginning with an exploration of “Dreamwork & Tarot…and other Oracles”, followed by an interactive workshop on “Four Steps to a Highly Meaningful Reading + Counseling Skills Open Tutorial.” Students are encouraged to bring questions and reading challenges for professional guidance. Both classes are at the beautiful Isis Books & Gifts, where you can reserve your space for the second class, open to the public, and/or make an appointment for a private session with Katrina.

Tampa, Florida
Tampa, Florida

The Florida leg of the Tarot Tour has been three years in the making. This Oregon gal is looking forward to a week of sunshine and warmth. Christiana Gaudet and her Tampa Bay Area Tarot Meetup host my “Introduction to Petite Lenormand” on March 18th, as we gather with Tarot friends from Orlando to Cape Coral. That Monday night, March 23rd, finds us together at Gaia Spiritual Doorways (GSD) exploring the major arcana of the Tarot as a “Sacred Journey of the Soul.” I will be available for private sessions at GSD the same day, noon to 6 pm.

I hope I see you at one of the stops on my 2015 Tarot Tour!

To contact me for scheduling a private session, outside of one of the bookstores where I have hours, please send me an email at: — or private message me on Facebook at :

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The Business of Being an Oracle

There is a rule of thumb in media production…for every second you see and hear on the screen, there is at least an hour of writing, recording, filming, mixing and editing. So it is with developing your oracle business. You invest your heart and time into learning your craft, but then how do you let the world know who you are and what you have to offer?

Creating a name, a reputation, and a brand is a constant occupation, the business of being an oracle these days. “Word of mouth” was the way to find a reader when I was growing up in the 70s and 80s, but boy have things changed!

I feel fortunate that I took typing in high school (currently 50 wpm), started computing with the Apple II Plus when first released in 1979, studied photography, and continue to learn desktop publishing skills as the software evolves. This one-woman office creates all my websites, promotional materials, PowerPoint presentations for teaching, self-published books, and just created the full-page ad above for a Tarot conference program guide. Today I was on Skype and email planning my 2015 Tarot Tour where I will be visiting Tarot Meetups in at least three different cities, along with conference speaking appearances, workshops, private appointments for readings, and more.

The point I am making is that many of us work more hours a day creating perpetual promotions for our service than the actual time we spend engaged in our art. I have daily office hours where I send and receive emails, confer on Skype and phone, and create new projects. Modern oracles invest their time on social media, such as Facebook and Twitter, sharing their insights, experience, and personal antidotes.

Is all this necessary? Not for everyone, but I would venture it is paramount for those who are creating a new business or sustaining a successful practice. In this video link, business coach, Marie Forleo, shares her wisdom on this subject, “A.B.M. – Always be marketing.”

When I created my Professional Tarot Consulting Certificate Course, it became very clear to me that in order to prepare my students for the real world of being a professional oracle, I needed to not only cover the topic of consulting oracles, but also coach them on promotional skills and opportunities. This webinar recording stands alone as a 2-class bundle called “Developing Your Practice”, which also includes counseling skills and ethics, or viewed as part 4 of the 8-class PTC Certificate Course, all on Global Spiritual Studies.

Growing old is not for sissies and being an independent entrepreneur is for the diligent. OK…just finished writing my “80th” weblog post on My Sacred Journey. Ahhh….

RECOMMENDED READING ON The Business of Being an Oracle:

Professional Tarot: The Business of Reading, Consulting, and Teaching  — Christine Jette

Fortune Stellar: What Every Professional Tarot Reader Needs to Know — Christiana Gaudet

The Medicine Woman’s Guide to Being in Business for Yourself: How to Live by Your Spiritual Vision in a Money-Based World — Carol Bridges

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Arithmology, Arithmancy, and Numerology in Tarot

numerology-online In my 20s I learned the basics of “Tarot Numerology” from Angeles Arrien and have been using it ever since. Somehow, for these 30 years, I assumed that all Tarot readers were applying Tarot Numerology basically the way I was…HaHa. I now realize that not only are there different ways of adding the numbers of one’s birth date, but there is a wonderful array of styles of arranging and interpreting the Birth Cards and Year Cards. I also have come to understand how unique my own way of working with Birth and Year Cards has developed and am currently working on a book to share my powerful insights drawn from many years of experience. Here are some of the terms and styles of reading I have discovered…

Arithmology – the esoteric significance of numbers based on the spiritual and mystical number symbolism developed by Pythagoras (Greek philosopher & mathematician; c. 570 – c. 495 BC). Each of the nine single-digit numbers are associated with a divine principle. Here is a great article on Pythagorean Numerology:

Arithmancy – in the Harry Potter novels, Hogwarts School taught a magical system using the secret properties of numbers, including future predictions with numbers.

Numerology – although numerology is associated predominately with letters and names, there is an aspect that is focused on the birth date to determine one’s “life lesson.”

Tarot Numerology – a system of associating one’s birth date number with a corresponding Tarot major card. This extends the essential single-digit numerology system with double-digit cards from the 22 major arcana cards. This technique was popularized in the 1980s by Angeles Arrien  in her classes and book, The Tarot Workbook. One’s Birth Card/s (based on birth date) and Year Card/s carry the significance of their Tarot card’s meaning.

Tarot Constellations and Hidden Factor Cards – Mary Greer’s classic contributions to the work of Arrien, illustrating the constellated major arcana cards, including hidden relationships. Greer updated this work in her recent book, Who are you in the Tarot?

Pathworking with Tarot Numerology – I teach the relationship to our Birth Card arithmology as essential archetypes and the journey of Year Cards as pathworking, unveiling the mandala of life they create together. It is a complete reading for discovering one’s life purpose and path. This is different from Qabalistic “Tree of Life” Pathworking, but has some overlapping applications. It includes elements of Arrien and Greer’s contributions. I am currently working on a book and webinar.

Tarot Birth Cards on the Tree of Life – Ruth Ann Amberstone of the New York Tarot School has a unique way of tracing one’s personal birth card sequence on the Qabalist Tree of Life.

Tarot Birth Cards & the Original Hebrew Tree of Knowledge – David Schaar’s style, which brings his extensive knowledge of Eastern Kabbalah, placing Tarot Birth Cards on the Hebrew Tree of Knowledge, provides a structured reading that reflects on major attributes and challenges in the querent’s life.

THE MATH Example birth date: November 28, 1984

day         28
month     11
+ year 1984
2023 = 2+0+2+3 = 7    “VII The Chariot”

Further resources:

Lynn Buess, Forever Numerology Richard Abbott

Angeles Arrien, The Tarot Handbook (Thoth Tarot deck & Tarot numerology) David Schaar teaches “Tarot Birth Cards & the Original Hebrew Tree of Light”
Mary K. Greer, Who are you in the Tarot? The Tarot School
“Birth Card Calculator” (different math equation, same single-digit result)

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The Hermit’s Lamp – Katrina, Tarot & Counseling


Trees and Therapy A Conversation with Katrina Wynne

Psychotherapy and Tarot – Two great things that go great together.

Katrina Wynne, MA of Transformative Tarot Counseling™ and Andrew McGregor of The Hermit’s Lamp talk about the balance between therapy and reading cards. We also talk about the power of nature, being an introvert and part of the world at the same time, and a lot of fun stuff along the way.

Here is a link to The Hermit’s Lamp blog where you have access to this unique podcast.

Katrina’s book, An Introduction to Transformative Tarot Counseling, is available HERE as a Kindle on Amazon.

© Photo by & of Katrina Wynne, Henry Cowell Redwoods 1978

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Spiritual Path of Tarot telesummit II

The Spiritual Path of Tarot Telesummit II Header- free


What an honor to be selected to offer another presentation in the Spiritual Path of Tarot telesummit II, now focused on the minor arcana cards. 20 Tarot luminaries take you through the various aspects of the minor cards, from suits to numbers and court/people assignments…and it is all FREE.

Katrina-Wynne-Speaker-GraphicI’ll be talking with Kim Wilborn on October 21, 1 pm PDT about “Completing Cycles with the Sacred 9s“, an extension of my offering in the first Spiritual Path of Tarot telesummit when I shared the archetypal wisdom of IX The Hermit.

Together, we are 20 powerful Tarot teachers collaborating to help you deepen your connection to the energies of the Minor Arcana. We’ll journey through the Minors, gaining new insight and wisdom, and connecting to the energies of the cards through powerful guided meditations.

There’s no cost to attend, and even if you can’t attend the talks live, you will get free access to each replay for 48 hours.

I cordially invite you to be my guest at this one-of-a-kind event and experience for yourself a deeper connection to the energies of the Tarot.

To be my guest and register for FREE access, please follow my URL for this event…. By following my link to register, you express direct support for my gift to you. Thank you!

Join us and experience these presentations, running October 13 through the 24th:

~ Sheilaa Hite – Wands – Life’s Wild, Passionate Adventure
~ Lisa de St. Croix – Ebb and Flow – The Suit of Cups
~ Ruth Ann and Wald Amberstone – The Sword: It exists, but it’s not there!
~ James Wells – Evolving with Earth: Personal Empowerment through the Pentacles
~ Brigit Esselmont – Manifest Your Pure Potential with the Aces
~ Art Rosengarten – Two Be or Not Two Be
~ Kooch Daniels – The Beneficial Properties of the Number Three
~ Scott Martin – May the Fours be with You!
~ Ferol Humphrey – Find Your Fortune with the Fives
~ Heatherleigh Navarre – Six Ways from Sunday – Serious Savvy on the Significance of Sixes
~ Mary Greer – Tests and Trials of the Mystical Tarot Sevens
~ Shelley Carter – Dealing with the Crazy Eights
~ KATRINA WYNNE – Completing the Cycle of the Sacred 9s
~ Carrie Paris – Demystifying the Language of the 10s in Three Easy Steps
~ Nancy Antenucci – The Pages – The Way of the Learner
~ Gina Thies – Dutiful Knights: Champions of Change
~ Ellen Lorenzi-Prince – The Queens of Tarot: Elemental Feminine Power
~ Sasha Graham – Kings in the Corner
~ Robert Place – The Tarot as Alchemical Tarot

If you would like to strengthen your alignment with a spiritual tool that can bring you clarity and insight while it lights your way to joyfully fulfilling your personal Soul-Purpose, register today for the FREE Spiritual Path of Tarot Telesummit II!

Can hardly wait to share this special time with you!



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Professional Tarot Consulting Certificate Course


Katrina Wynne’s passion for Tarot – and her joy in sharing all that she has learned on her Tarot journey – make the Professional Tarot Consulting program a gift I’m so glad I gave myself.  — Cherie, Alabama


This is an exciting week! The Professional Tarot Consulting Certificate Course begins September 15th (16th for Australia and similar time zones). Just follow this link to Global Spiritual Studies to register.

Whether you are a beginning Tarot student, experienced reader, or oracle reader, you will benefit from this comprehensive program.

Here is what students are saying about this course…

The Professional Tarot Consulting program was the perfect way for me to dig deeper into Tarot – to learn and experience so much more than just a basic overview of the craft. Katrina is beyond knowledgeable in all things Tarot – you can tell she is just scratching the surface of all she wants to share – and yet each class was overloaded with history and connections and new awareness. My reading skills improved, but more importantly, I have a much richer understanding and respect for Tarot in all its forms.     — Cherie, Alabama

This has been a transformative experience. I’ve rethought much of my reading style, and for the first time I feel like going pro is doable rather than a distant dream.     — Sherryl, California

I stumbled into this course thinking it would assist in developing my counselling skills, ie how do you frame questions, what would you do if this situation arose ? etc etc.(nuts and bolts issues) What I got was so much more. It was an experience in areas with a new light shining on them. It was an illuminating, stimulating and enriching course. Fun too working with people from around the world. Highly recommend it to all looking to explore subtleties in time honoured knowledge.                          — Lyn, Australia

I have started watching the (PTC) classes and would like to tell you that I love your voice and pronunciation greatly: very clear and soothing at the same time. In general, lots to learn and to think for me.                                     — Violeta, Lithuania

Here is what you get from this dynamic learning opportunity:

  • 10 hours of intensive, professional training on topics such as:
    • Intuitive skill building
    • Using spreads and telling the story with Tarot & other oracles
    • Counseling skills & ethics
    • Building your professional practice
    • The power of symbols
    • Dream work skills & deepening your readings
    • Astrology in Tarot
    • Alchemy & Kabbalah
  • You have unlimited access to viewing these recordings
  • PowerPoint presentations with video instructions from Katrina
  • PowerPoint & many helpful handouts
  • An extensive reading list with excellent resources
  • A 2-month online study group to share…
    • “Secret” Facebook group for privacy
    • Discussions on all topics
    • A shared “File” with additional materials
    • Links to helpful resources
    • Study buddies & exercises
    • Supervision from Katrina
  • 30-minute Skype or phone mentoring session with Katrina
  • Certificate (after completion of assignments & simple exam)

Now is a great time to register and get an early start on watching the recordings.

You can study at your own pace and have the option of repeating the online study group when it is offered again (Spring & Fall). Special arrangements can be made with Katrina.

If you are thinking of taking a class with GSS or the PTC-CC course in particular DO IT! It is a wonderful experience and delivered in a very convenient and professional manner!     — Jenn, New York

Would love to have you join our wonderful international group of students. Please follow this link to register for this unique study opportunity.

For more information about the PTC-CC, here is an interview by Linda Marson of GSS with Katrina describing the course….linked here.

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Interview on Global Spiritual Studies

I am so excited to be offering my Professional Tarot Consulting Certificate Course to the world and invite your inquiries and, hopefully, your participation in this unique, interactive learning experience. For testimonials from graduates and more details about this program, please visit my webpage, link here.

Linda Marson of Global Spiritual Studies interviewed me for her blog (link here) about my wonderful new training program for all aspiring readers. Below is a repost of that conversation.


Becoming a professional tarot consultant with Katrina Wynne
Posted on August 3, 2014 by linda

When can you confidently call yourself a professional tarot consultant? How do you know if the readings you offer measure up to what potential clients would describe as a professional service? Tarot is an area where many people start by doing readings as a sideline to a ‘mainstream’ job. Gradually they find they want to turn their casual tarot consultancy service into a full-time occupation.

Katrina Wynne’s  Certificate course in professional tarot consultancy has been designed to meet the needs of the growing number of people in this situation. Techniques for fine-tuning tarot reading skills are covered in the classes, but so too are the skills needed to develop a professional tarot business. These include basic counselling skills, ethics and business skills, particularly in the area of marketing and promotion.

When you sign up for the course you receive recordings of the eight classes and access to a private online discussion group where you connect with Katrina and a community of enthusiastic learners for a period of eight weeks. You have access to additional resource materials and the opportunity to discuss topics, practise exercises and receive personal supervision from Katrina. The classes have also been packaged as four sets of master classes which can be purchased separately from the full Certificate program.

The next online discussion group runs from 15 September – 15 NovemberSign up now so you can start watching the recordings in preparation for the 8-week intensive.

Here I talk with Katrina about the background to the course and her approach to guiding and mentoring  tarot readers on their professional journey.

LM: What are the benefits of a certificate course for tarot readers or consultants?

KW: A certificate program sets specific goals and establishes a curriculum for achieving those goals. It’s an agreement between facilitator and student that sets the parameters for activities and shared learning. Receiving a final certificate honors and celebrates students who have made a commitment to their own excellence in a topic of personal interest, often associated with their chosen profession or occupation. Working toward a certificate can also be a motivating force for people who might otherwise lose their focus.

LM: What’s your answer to skeptics who say that reading tarot cards is too nebulous an activity to have formal training, let alone a certificate course which implies that tarot reading is a ‘real’ job?

Katrina surrounded by happy students!

KW: Reading cards, much like counseling, holds the heart and soul of another in one’s hands. Counseling skills and ethics are essential knowledge, values, and skills to be utilized in a professional manner, within the scope of one’s practice. Scope of practice is determined by one’s training and certification, as well as local ordinances and laws that affect one’s profession. It is my belief that we can all raise the bar as readers to meet more professional standards while educating the public on the diversity of styles of readings and the valuable service we provide.

LM: What led you into designing a certificate course?

KW: After hundreds of requests from around the world to bring my Transformative Tarot Counseling™ Certification Program to their area or to offer classes online, I spent years searching for an internet format that would support the kind of two-way interactive learning style that I prefer. It is important to me as a teacher to get to know each student and to customize some of their learning to support their unique interests. Call me old school, but I like that personal touch.

When I discovered Global Spiritual Studies I knew I had found the best home for my presentations and coursework. Students enjoy the video presence of the presenter who guides them through a PowerPoint presentation. As a Tarot “visual”, I find this is better than writing a book. It brings the lessons to life in ways words can not. I take full advantage of this wonderful visual medium in each class, chocked full of illustrations, helpful guides, and handouts.

LM: How did you find the process of converting your face-to-face program into an online format?

KW: It was a daunting task to condense each six-hour workshop into a 1-hour multimedia presentation. Plus, I reorganized some of my course materials and expanded upon topics, such as what it is to be intuitive or psychic. Professional business and promotion is another subject that underwent considerable expansion. After 20 years as a public reader and teacher, I had a wealth of experience to share in that area.

For each recording I created new illustrations, reached out to wonderful artists and bloggers to share their visual graphics, re-worked the exercises to support solitary as well as group activities, updated my references and resources, developed new handouts, and talked a bit faster than I would normally. HaHa!
In addition, I expanded much of the presentation to incorporate other styles of reading, such as Petit Lenormand, I Ching, and other oracles.

LM: What can students expect during the eight-week periods when you’re actively participating in a private online discussion group with them?

KW: First, I strongly recommend that Professional Tarot Consulting Certificate Course students purchase and view the recordings as soon as possible, possibly watching them twice. I also urge each student to watch my “Beginning Tarot – Knowledge” mini-series first to prepare them for my unique, psycho-spiritual approach to Tarot and all things metaphysical.

After the first viewing of each class, read the required reading. This will help pull the lesson together. The “secret” online study group is by invitation only for currently registered students. We work together on all sorts of activities – from discussing topics, reading assignments to exercises in dyads. I provide personal supervision, inspirational resources and links, not to mention a list of over 1000 titles in my personal library!

To receive a certificate students complete a written assignment and a final exam. This is not as scary as it sounds – the questions are relatively easy and drawn from class materials and readings.

Once students have completed this fast paced experiential group and been awarded their certificate, they are invited to join the ongoing support group with a wonderful community of past graduates.

LM: Some classes cover topics that appear to go beyond the skills and knowledge required by tarot readers. For example, Kabbalah, astrology and alchemy. Why do you include these topics in your program?

02KW: Many tarot and other decks incorporate these metaphysical traditions. Look, for instance at card number 2 in the Major Arcana, the High Priestess. In the Waite/Smith and many other Tarot decks this card has a multitude of symbols that enhance the diversity and depth of its message. For example, from a numerological perspective the number two represents balance between worlds, conscious and unconscious, also pure Yin energy.

From a Kabbalistic perspective you have the two columns “J” and “B” (Jachin and Boaz) from the Temple of Solomon, the outer, dualistic pillars of the Tree of Life. You can also look at this card with an astrologer’s eye – the Moon suggests feminine cycles and wisdom, which in Greek mythology equals Artemis. From a symbolic perspective you have pomegranates (= fertility), a veil (= gateway between worlds) and a blue flowing gown (= water and unconscious realm).

The alchemical lesson illustrates the process of change, which is the goal of many readings—how can I change my life in a more life-enhancing way?

LM: What do you see as the final outcome for your students?

KW: By the time each student has completed this certificate course, they have an increased respect for the diversity of Tarot and other oracles. But more importantly, they begin to move in a direction that calls to them, incorporating what is useful and leaving what does not fit their current needs. All this is accomplished in a supportive learning environment where students get to experiment and try on new skills as they develop their own style.

…for more details about the variety of ways to study these materials with Katirna, either as a self-directed student, or a member of the group online PTC Certificate Course, please visit Katrina’s website page (link here) for testimonials and more information about this unique opportunity.

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Feedburner subscription issue

Dear My Sacred Journey subscribers,

As you may have noticed, my feedburner subscription notification system has a mind of its own and is sending out too many notices. In respect for your email address and time, I eliminated the current service and added a new one. Please let me know if this solves the problem. Thank you!

Please check for my monthly posts and resubscribe if needed.

Thank you,


Summer Fun in Oregon

July is prime time for sunshine and celebration as summer comes into full swing. Here are some of the exciting events I will be attending or creating!

If you are in Oregon this month, don’t miss these fabulous opportunities to gather and share our love of Tarot, nature, and life.


 OREGON COUNTRY FAIR — July 10 – 13   link here

Katrina's booth in the Mothership at the Oregon Country Fair
Katrina’s booth in the Mothership at the Oregon Country Fair

Set in the wild woods west of Eugene, Oregon, this is the 45th anniversary of the OCF. This is my 23rd year at the fair and 15th year with the Mothership booth.

I love my colorful booth space set in the natural surroundings of this sacred land. Somehow my readings are more powerful and transformational in this environment. My theory is that the fair atmosphere is conducive for opening the doors of perception to deeper and more meaningful experiences.

My offerings include: Transformative Tarot Consulting™, Pathworking with Tarot Numerology, Chakra/Gemstone readings, Petite Lenormand cards, and Dream Analysis.

Hope to see you there!! Here is how to find me:

Mothership (M-55) off Chela Mela Meadow on Wooten Way, next to the Knishes, across from Sumo Sushi.

Open for Fair Family appointments starting Thursday. Available all weekend. If you know when you are coming and would like to reserve your session now, please contact me ASAP:

“Like” our Facebook page, “OCF Mothership


18TH ANNUAL TAROT RETREAT — July 26 & 27  link here

Tarot Retreat 2010
Tarot Retreat 2010

You deserve to treat yourself to a wonderful weekend of Tarot exploration and fun!

This is the 18th Annual Tarot Retreat located at Earth Heaven, Yachats, Oregon. The theme this year is XVIII The Moon, as we delve into the many layers of meaning and personal transformational energy of this celestial guide.

The Earth Heaven Tarot Temple is finally complete!! For those who have been here before, you know how exciting this is, with new French doors and windows, siding, a loft, and new deck. I am moving many of my Tarot books into the temple for us to play and explore.

If you would like more information about this exciting event, please  follow this link to visit my Oregon Tarot Retreat webpage. You can download the registration form from that page. Ride shares are being arranged from Portland. Bring a new friend and take advantage of the $25 discount on your registration.


PATHWAYS TO TRANSFORMATION — August 2 & 3  link here


This is also the 18th year for this exciting psychic fair in Yachats, on the beautiful Central Oregon Coast. With fresh flowers from my summer garden and the warmth of all my local psychic and healing friends under one great roof, this is the best psychic fair in the world. Yes, the best because of the wonderful energy, diversity of offerings, and free talks both days. It truly is a transformational opportunity.

You can find my booth space, as always, in the NE corner of the main room. My offerings include: Transformative Tarot Consulting™, Pathworking with Tarot Numerology, Chakra/Gemstone readings, Petite Lenormand cards, and Dream Analysis.

Pathworking with Tarot Numerology. is the topic of this year’s talk on Saturday at 12:30 in the “Speaker room.” This is the subject of my book in the works.

Have a fabulous summer (northern hemisphere), and hope our paths merge.



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