2021 – Year of the Hierophant

Whether Hierophant or High Priest, as the fifth numbered card in the major arcana of the Tarot, the combination of number and character lends some hint to the year before us in 2021.

When I look back on the energies on 2020 IV The Emperor, I realize that my notion of redefining boundaries took on a whole new dimension, specifically “social distancing” and wearing masks more often in public. I already wore masks when flying around folks who might be ill and was well prepared for this new task, but it certainly touched us all on a global level…no full faces, hugs, personal space contact. And, on a really personal level, it has disrupted my long-distance relationship. But, are these blessings or curses?

This is the beauty of following the four with the five (Numerology 2+0+2+1=5). The structures and boundaries revisited in the Emperor year are now up for evaluation and learning in the Hierophant year. As the archetypal “teacher” “V The Hierophant” invites us to embrace the lessons, integrate them in some way, then turn around and teach others what we have learned. On a deeply spiritual level we are each invited to be channels for the Divine, whatever that may mean to you.

So, on the mundane level, 2020 had me busy with building and home/garden improvement projects, literally building a new fence around my garden to keep the elk, deer, and bear out. On the spiritual level, I examined any old or ancestral barrier around my heart, re-examining the notion of boundaries, if any, to being love and light…who cares about masks and social distancing!

Here are questions I will ask myself for 2021:

  • What have I explored in 2020 that I can apply in 2021 for greater success?
  • What lessons do I resist? What can I embrace?
  • How can I be a better “channel” for Creator’s work, or light, in this world?

I’m already receiving guidance for moving forward in 2021, the downloads I referred to in previous posts about the new Level Two – Professional Tarot Consulting Certificate Course and my exciting new Global Meetup Circle…with many more “teaching” and learning opportunities on the way. In fact, please join our lively group of Tarot and oracle friend on January 2nd for a FREE “Meet & Greet” event with some special announcements about wonderful new events for 2021.

Hope we have cyber-social contact through the many wonderful opportunities to gather online this year…Happy New Year! Many blessings, Katrina

“V Hierophant” card image from Tarot Apokalypsis by Erik C. Dunne

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