New Look for my Website…

You may not realize this, but I’ve had the “” URL since my first website, around 1995. Ahh, the old days, when building your own website entailed knowing computer language, html code, and other things beyond my abilities, but supported by wonderfully techy friends.

Since that first website, has evolved into various forms, working with three different website hosts/ess, finally moving from a web designer format to user-friendly platforms, such as WordPress. In my November 2021 weblog post I talked about starting my blog in 2009. It was soon after that I realized it could be the perfect home for my website as well, so easy to use, and just a matter of forwarding my URL to that location. Then new limitations appeared and needs arose, so I started looking for a new web host/designer, with no luck…for years!

In the meantime, I had started my website on Go Daddy, what they currently call “Web Builder”, and was able to take online appointments for my services quite successfully for three years, now. I decided, “I Can Do This!”…I can design my dream Tarot website with the tools I’m already used to and make it work. Yep…took me a few months, but I’m ready to show you what I’ve created and welcome your feedback.

So…drum roll please…here is the unveiling of my NEW, old website…

Please be sure to update this link in your address book, just in case it takes you to the old location on WordPress. Also, you can now subscribe to this website and check the box to receive the new Newsletter. If only I could keep my accumulation of 25 years of internet traffic…ugh. Starting over again, so I really appreciate your visits…thank you!!

Here are some of the great features I’ve added (some I’m still testing):

photo of Katrina Wynne by Theresa Pridemore

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