Going Pro with Tarot – Steps to Success

Wow, looking back, it’s hard to believe I’ve been teaching online for 12 of my 30 years as a Tarot mentor. Someday I’ll share my personal story about the path that guided me to this profession, but for now, my “Path to Success” has led me to offering 95% of my classes exclusively online these days.

In my teaching style, especially online, it has always been important to have interactive elements to the learning process, a way to individualize a class to meet the needs of each student. And, according to many of my Tarot students, that is what they value most…personal attention, open explorations, and live supervision. [see my 100 Testimonialslink here] By following my students and listening to their interests, combined with my inner guidance, I know what my next step is, what is needed from me, for I have a wealth of knowledge and experience, but focus these skills on what is needed now.

So…last year my advanced students said they wanted more online supervision time to fine tune their individual professional goals, especially to move through the obstacles to their greater success. I was thrilled, for this is my specialty! This is where I combine 40+ years as a group facilitator with my certified Life Coach skills, supported by 33 years’ experience as a psycho-spiritual counselor and 50 years of living the wisdom of Tarot, which makes me the perfect guide for such deep journeys.

This is what I told these advanced Tarot students who were so eager and ready to excel in their art…

To manifest the changes you wish to make, it takes:

  • a 6-month incubation period
  • combined with an initial goal (which will certainly evolve with the process), and
  • a commitment to working the program that is designed for you, individually,
  • and as a group of co-hearts exploring together and supporting each other.

They excitedly said, “Yes!”, and proceeded on this deep journey into the unknown. I can say that everyone came out the other side renewed, inspired, and quite shocked at how far they actually came in manifesting their goals.

What’s new about the 6-month program this year?

This year as I pondered repeating this offer, Creator showed up and instructed me to open this process to a group of no more than eight seriously committed, intermediate to advanced Tarot or oracle practitioners, who are ready to take their skills to a much higher level. So, I’ve expanded the invitation to join this powerful group of students to include applicants outside my Professional Tarot Consulting Certificate Course (PTC), who are automatically included in this offer.

Why only eight? Lynne McTaggart in her book, The Power of Eight, demonstrates how group work with this number of members (or close) is the perfect container for focusing and manifesting desired goals. I’ve experienced the power of this configuration in the two years I attended “Your Year of Miracles”, and still meet with my core group years later, who can all personally testify to the power of this approach. I also highly value making sure each member of the Going Pro experience has space to share and participate in our group time, so no one is left behind…not on my watch.

I’ve given this newly updated program a simple, to the point name, Going Pro with Tarot – Steps to Success, for that is exactly what I’m here to support for you to experience. My goal is to see your goal manifest, within 6 months, in a way that steers your life’s work in a positive and empowering way…and saves you years of disappointment and needless waste of time and funds.

In addition to the 12 2-hour live Zoom sessions, which are recorded for review by the group, we have a private, hidden Facebook group for communicating among ourselves and creating special posts. I also offer private mentoring sessions at a significant discount to support your unique requests and needs. Most of the students grabbed this opportunity and reported how pivotal this was to their successful understanding and experience of reaching their goal.

How can I find out more about this special offer?


If you’d like to experience some of how this works, or have questions beyond what I’ve shared on the “Going Pro with Tarot” webpage…link here…you don’t want to miss the FREE live Introduction. Please bring your questions, initial goal, and be prepared to spend the hour together.

Here is the link to this FREE event on my Global Meetup Circle (GMC) page…link here!

The $10 deposit is to reserve your space and for security purposes so only real participants have access to the direct Zoom link, visible after your registration is completed (by selecting “Attend online” AND paying the $10 PayPal deposit).

If you’re ready to apply now for one of these eight spaces, please visit the “Going Pro with Tarot” webpage…link here…find the Going Pro – Waiting List form, fill out the questions, then send it to me. I’ll write back to you soon and get you on the road to success, pronto!

Many blessing and hope to see you in cyberspace! Katrina


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