Psychology & Tarot – Exploring Major Issues

Hey regular reader, you’ve been viewing this weblog, and probably noticed the series I’ve written about Tarot, Psychology & DSM.

Here’s a list of what I’ve published in my weblog, so far:

I continued this exploration of the psychological aspects of the Tarot Majors in The Tarot School‘s “Tarot Tips Newsletter”, with my last entry coming out tomorrow in their November issue!

Check out these Tarot Tips Newsletter articles, with links:

I enjoy those occasions when I’m the guest on Tarot podcasts and vlogs. Here’s my webpage with all my “Media Appearances“, including those where the topic is Transformative Tarot Counseling™…some with sample readings.

Media Appearances link.

When you’re ready for a more in-depth study of the connection between Psychology and working with Tarot cards, I highly recommended my newly updated recorded online class, “Psychological Challenges in the Tarot’s Major Trump” (link), available on my Global Spiritual Studies page.

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