My Psychological Roots & Training with Arny & Amy Mindell

I studied and worked with Drs. Arnold “Arny” and Amy Mindell for 30 years, and deeply appreciate this foundation and ongoing support for my psychological training and counseling career.

It all started in 1988 at Esalen Institute in California, USA when Arny and Amy (Kaplan) were the guest teachers for a month. My boyfriend at the time, David Robinette, and I attended their Dreambody “Relationship” workshop, where I met many of the Process Workers I still know today.

In this 1988 Esalen video, Arny did a beautiful job of introducing himself, his history, and the roots of what he developed and called “Processwork” (PW), aka Process-Oriented Psychology, aka Dreambody Work. To learn more about his dynamic theories and the application of this work, please visit the “Arnold MindellYouTube channel and the Mindell’s website. I’ve listed additional helpful PW websites, below.


Over our years together, I attended seminars on all the “branches” of PW, as illustrated in the image, below. My deeper training included attending the annual 5-week “POP Intensives” in Portland, Oregon, USA, as a student, then as an assistant teacher. Another powerful training was the 6-month alternative PW intensive program created by Kim Burg (Kerrigan, now) in Seattle, Washington, USA, where I attended one year, then returned to assist for the following few years.


The first PW intensives were integrated into my graduate program in Seattle at Antioch University for my “Master of Art in Psychology, with a concentration in Process-Oriented Psychology” degree, in 1992.

Around the time I graduated from Antioch, I moved to the Oregon Coast, where I still reside, and began to assist the Mindells, my neighbors, as their audio technician, based on my many years as a sound engineer in radio, bringing in my own microphones, mixer, and speakers, until the Processwork Center and Mindells invested in their own equipment.


In 1991, I was so privileged to create the first sound team to support the 200 attendees who gathered here on the coast for the premier Worldwork (WW) (conflict resolution group process) Seminar, then on the sound team for at least four other WW events, including the beautiful mountain village of Stoos, Switzerland, in 1992 where we had an incredible group of 300 participants from around the globe, all sincerely engaged in this amazing experiment in Deep Democracy.

Around this time, I became a formal PW student, working toward being a diplomat, and spent a couple of years concentrating on my studies, training, and successfully completing the Level One exams…quite the feat! This was followed by more advanced PW classes and my conscious consideration of whether I wanted to be a formal PW Diplomat, for which on the verge of approaching the final phase of Level Two, I realized this was not my path for it felt limiting to what my calling was…and what led me to introduce my “Transformative Tarot Counseling” style and program.


Prior to the pandemic, the Mindells hosted two events per year here in our coastal village, where I also had the opportunity to assist by being the sound engineer, and so happy to support their beautiful work.

Fun side note for my Tarot friends…Arny and I have the same “Life/Soul Card” and Shadow…. VII The Chariot / XVI The Tower.


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Photos of the Mindells by Katrina Wynne


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