What’s Katrina Cooking Up in 2023?

More like…”What’s cook’n up Katrina…Haha!

I get these “downloads” from Creator that guide me and my focus for each year and learned a long time ago to stay out of Creator’s way, put my ego or muggle needs aside…much like the Tarot symbol for this year, VII The Chariot (which happens to also be my personal Birth/Life/Soul Card in Pathworking with Tarot Numerology, and something I wrote about in the December 2022 weblog post)…and just get moving!

Can you imagine being a Chariot in a Chariot year? I’m moving at hyper-speed just trying to keep up with all the instructions I’ve been given and backing up these directives with the skills, resources, and proper permissions to bring them to life.

Here’s the current list, and it keeps growing as I receive valuable feedback from students and co-hearts…with updates:

  • TAROT JOURNEYS with KATRINA WYNNE, M.A. (TJKW) – Instead of working on my book (Sacred Journey of Your Soul – through the major arcana for Tarot), I bring the cards to life in a series of live/recorded video and PowerPoint explorations of the 22 major arcana cards from a psycho-spiritual, historical, and symbolic understanding of each card’s “energy signature” and essence. Whew…what a relief to not be writing and just do what I love best…creating a slideshow “story” that takes you through what I see in each of these powerful cards. UPDATE – this is now available as a series on my Global Meetup Circlehere.
  • GOING PRO with TAROT™ (GPwT)- the new name for my professional tarot reading programs that I offer over Zoom as live (then recorded for review) personalized trainings for intermediate and advanced Tarot and oracle readers. This used to be exclusive to my Professional Tarot Consulting: Level Two students, but Creator said to open it up to only 8 serious readers ready to take their art to the next level. I’ll write more about this here in April. Next FREE Introduction will be for 2024link here.
  • TAROT SPIRITUALITY™, WHOLENESS & HEALING (TSWH) – is my newest course which I wrote about last November, link here. Offered each February, this is available as a 5-week guided online course, or a self-study program. I was guided to tease out the more Spiritual Healing parts of my work from the Psychological/Counseling courses, and I love how it has come together in such an empowering way.
  • TAROT for COUNSELING PROFESSIONALS (TCP) – is in the works, to be unveiled in 2024! Historically, most of my classes have been designed to introduce counseling and ethics, as well as therapeutic reading styles to Tarot readers. Now, I’ve developed a curriculum that takes those in the various counseling professions and introduces them to specific ways to integrate working with Tarot cards and other oracles in therapeutic ways that match modalities they may already be using or are familiar with applying in their sessions with clients. More will be revealed as this huge undertaking takes form.
  • Why We Read – Tarot, Maslow, and Needs” – working on this article for The Cartomancer magazine’s Summer issue. So excited to share this with the world!

Another UPDATE: Because of these directives, I’ve spent the Oregon winter improving my website to be more user-friendly where it is easy to find my many offerings from the navigation and drop down menu, in particular, under “Study” you’ll find specific pages for:

  • Study with Katrina – a summary of everything I offer as classes/programs/courses, live & recorded.
  • Going Pro with Tarot – updated personalized professional trainings.
  • Live Online Classes – mostly on my Global Meetup Circle online classroom, including Guest Mentors each month
  • Recorded Online Classes – an easy reference and link for my 25 recorded online classes, hosted by Global Spiritual Studies, including my Beginning Tarot series, which include the original recording for “Sacred Journey of Your Soul”, my unique approach to the major arcana card’s story and message.

There is certainly something I’m here to support you with in your journey with Tarot, and I look forward to growing together!

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