Arithmology, Arithmancy, and Numerology in Tarot

numerology-online In my late 20s I learned the basics of “Tarot Numerology” from Angeles Arrien and have been using it ever since. Somehow, for these 30 years, I assumed that all Tarot readers were applying Tarot Numerology basically the way I was…HaHa. I now realize that not only are there different ways of adding the numbers of one’s birth date, but there is a wonderful array of styles of arranging and interpreting the Birth Cards and Year Cards. I also have come to understand how unique my own way of working with Birth and Year Cards has developed and am currently working on a book to share my powerful insights drawn from many years of experience. Here are some of the terms and styles of reading I have discovered…

Arithmology – the esoteric significance of numbers based on the spiritual and mystical number symbolism developed by Pythagoras (Greek philosopher & mathematician; c. 570 – c. 495 BC). Each of the nine single-digit numbers are associated with a divine principle. Here is a great article on Pythagorean Numerology:

Arithmancy – in the Harry Potter novels, Hogwarts School taught a magical system using the secret properties of numbers, including future predictions with numbers.

Numerology – although numerology is associated predominately with letters and names, there is an aspect that is focused on the birth date to determine one’s “life lesson.”

Tarot Numerology – a system of associating one’s birth date number with a corresponding Tarot major card. This extends the essential single-digit numerology system with double-digit cards from the 22 major arcana cards. This technique was popularized in the 1980s by Angeles Arrien  in her classes and book, The Tarot Workbook. One’s Birth Card/s (based on birth date) and Year Card/s carry the significance of their Tarot card’s meaning.

Tarot Constellations and Hidden Factor Cards – Mary Greer’s classic contributions to the work of Arrien, illustrating the constellated major arcana cards, including hidden relationships. Greer updated this work in her recent book, Who are you in the Tarot?

Pathworking with Tarot Numerology – I teach the relationship to our Birth Card arithmology as essential archetypes and the journey of Year Cards as pathworking, unveiling the mandala of life they create together. It is a complete reading for discovering one’s life purpose and path. This is different from Qabalistic “Tree of Life” Pathworking, but has some overlapping applications. It includes elements of Arrien and Greer’s contributions. Follow this link to my recorded online class on this topic. I am currently working on a book.

Tarot Birth Cards on the Tree of Life – Ruth Ann Amberstone of the New York Tarot School has a unique way of tracing one’s personal birth card sequence on the Qabalist Tree of Life.

Tarot Birth Cards & the Original Hebrew Tree of Knowledge – David Schaar’s style, which brings his extensive knowledge of Eastern Kabbalah, placing Tarot Birth Cards on the Hebrew Tree of Knowledge, provides a structured reading that reflects on major attributes and challenges in the querent’s life.

THE MATH Example birth date: November 28, 1984

day         28
month     11
+ year 1984
2023 = 2+0+2+3 = 7    “VII The Chariot”

Further resources:

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Richard Abbott

Angeles Arrien, The Tarot Handbook (Thoth Tarot deck & Tarot numerology) David Schaar teaches “Tarot Birth Cards & the Original Hebrew Tree of Light”
Mary K. Greer, Who are you in the Tarot?
“Birth Card Calculator” from The Tarot School (different math equation, same single-digit result)

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