The Hermit’s Lamp – Katrina, Tarot & Counseling


Trees and Therapy A Conversation with Katrina Wynne

Psychotherapy and Tarot – Two great things that go great together.

Katrina Wynne, MA of Transformative Tarot Counseling and Andrew McGregor of The Hermit’s Lamp talk about the balance between therapy and reading cards. We also talk about the power of nature, being an introvert and part of the world at the same time, and a lot of fun stuff along the way.

Here is a link to The Hermit’s Lamp blog where you have access to this unique podcast.

Katrina’s book, An Introduction to Transformative Tarot Counseling, is available HERE as a paperback and as a Kindle eBook on Amazon.

© Photo by & of Katrina Wynne, Henry Cowell Redwoods 1978

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