The Business of Being an Oracle


There is a rule of thumb in media production…for every second you see and hear on the screen, there is at least an hour of writing, recording, filming, mixing and editing. So it is with developing your oracle business. You invest your heart and time into learning your craft, but then how do you let the world know who you are and what you have to offer?

Creating a name, a reputation, and a brand is a constant occupation, the business of being an oracle these days. “Word of mouth” was the way to find a reader when I was growing up in the 70s and 80s, but boy have things changed!

I feel fortunate that I took typing in high school (currently 50 wpm), started computing with the Apple II Plus when first released in 1979, studied photography, and continue to learn desktop publishing skills as the software evolves. This one-woman office creates all my websites, promotional materials, PowerPoint presentations for teaching, self-published books, and just created the full-page ad above for a Tarot conference program guide. Today I was on Skype and email planning my 2015 Tarot Tour where I will be visiting Tarot Meetups in at least three different cities, along with conference speaking appearances, workshops, private appointments for readings, and more.

The point I am making is that many of us work more hours a day creating perpetual promotions for our service than the actual time we spend engaged in our art. I have daily office hours where I send and receive emails, confer on Skype and phone, and create new projects. Modern oracles invest their time on social media, such as Facebook and Twitter, sharing their insights, experience, and personal antidotes.

Is all this necessary? Not for everyone, but I would venture it is paramount for those who are creating a new business or sustaining a successful practice. In this video link, business coach, Marie Forleo, shares her wisdom on this subject, “A.B.M. – Always be marketing.”

When I created my Professional Tarot Consulting Certificate Course, it became very clear to me that in order to prepare my students for the real world of being a professional oracle, I needed to not only cover the topic of consulting oracles, but also coach them on promotional skills and opportunities. This webinar recording stands alone as a 2-class bundle called “Developing Your Practice”, which also includes counseling skills and ethics, or viewed as classes 3 & 4 of the 8-class PTC Certificate Course, all on Global Spiritual Studies.

Growing old is not for sissies and being an independent entrepreneur is for the diligent. OK…just finished writing my “80th” weblog post on My Sacred Journey. Ahhh….

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