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If you are someone who desires to reach beyond daily life to tune to your inherent gifts, intuitive strengths, and divine guidance, this is the reading for you.

Tarot of Cosmic Consciousness

In the Tarot world I push the envelope of what is considered a Tarot reading. You’ll notice I have not posted about Tarot spreads or much about card interpretation, for I have such a deep and personalized style of relating to Tarot cards, oracles and clients. Most of my writings have been offered to increase your reading skills, integrating counseling skills and ethics, while other articles speak to the “Sacred Journey of My/Your/Our Soul” as the title of this weblog reflects. As an experienced Transpersonal Psychotherapist and self-proclaimed “Metaphysical Cosmologist” I am passionate about exploring the depth and breadth of you and how each of us is a unique expression of the holographic totality of our cosmos.

My weblog posts reflect years of exploring such metaphysical subjects as the Mayan Calendar (Carl J. Calleman), Nine Dimensions (Gerry & Barbara Hand Clow), Kabbalistic, Hindu, Taoist, and other spiritual wisdoms. Just as many modern physicists search for a unification theory for the workings of the universe, I search among spiritual and metaphysical tools and teachers for patterns of connection and resonance. My passion focuses on Tarot for it shows us the template or the evolution and unfolding of energy and life in the world/universe, while also being a channel for exploring and experiencing it’s presence.

AWAKENING UNIVERSAL PURPOSE    poster by Katrina Wynne

With this in mind and heart, I feel I have been called to share my latest creation, Awakening Universal Purpose, a layout inspired by these changing times, when our individual and collective calling to be our most authentic and powerful selves is most profound. Just as the universe has a purpose, we each were brought into life for a special reason. This new spread reminds us of why we are here and looks at the micro and macro aspects of being here now. It is a profound Tarot reading revealing the template for your soul’s journey in life, much like a karmic or astrological birth chart readings. If you are someone who desires to reach beyond daily life to tune to your inherent gifts, intuitive strengths, and divine guidance, this is the reading for you.

Almost daily, paying attention to my dreams, I continue to develop this reading as it takes on additional dimensions. It is infinitely more complex than I can share in a short weblog post and shifts with the type, style, and/or number of decks used in the reading. One of the most exciting decks I use with this spread is the Tarot of Cosmic Consciousness by Barbara Bruch.

More recently, I have added a guided meditation from the Clows to help the client tune into the power of each dimension, plus have added a mind blowing way of showing the “as above, so below” summary of the reading. These will not be included in this sample reading for they require a chapter, or a book, to cover.

I would like to give you a taste of one unique Awakening Universal Purpose reading with this new layout to show you the potential we each have to reach deep within for soul guidance and clarity. This sample is a one-hour reading. The complete readings are 1.5 – 2 hour sessions.

Here are the bare bones of the structure of this layout. Drawing from the combination of the Nine Dimensions as channeled by Barbara Hand Clow and their relationship to the seven chakras (I like to use Carolyn Myss’ interpretation, but apply flexibility when choosing which system I follow). Since this reading, I’ve added a 10th card placement to tap into the “Cosmic Tree of Life” as described by Carl Calleman.

Ever so briefly, Clow’s Nine Dimensionstake us through the various levels of vibration in our Milky Way galaxy, much like string theory or multiverse concepts tap into alternate realities.

Peering beyond the 4th dimensional veil…

The first dimension (1D) emanates from the Earth’s core, the next (2D), a little faster in vibration, something that increases with each additional dimension, covers the area beneath and just at the surface of the planet, 3D is the surface and includes human and other planetary beings, 4D is the realm of the archetypes and Gods/Goddesses, 5D simply is unconditional love, 6D sacred geometry, 7D sound, light and vibration, 8D Divine creative potential, 9D connection with the black hole center of our Milky Way Galaxy.

Calleman’s latest book, “The Purposeful Universe” wraps up his thesis with the theory that we are all hardwired on a cellular level to receive signals and information from the “Cosmic Tree of Life” universal source, the origin and continuing emanation of cosmic consciousness.

I believe that it is through meditation, psychic and intuitive awareness, and general consciousness raising that we tune into our unique, as well as collective, programming (not to be read as fate, but as possibility). When we ignore, suppress, or divert our potential, we fall into dysfunction and disease. Very basically, this can be seen as aligning with love, or with fear. We have free choice.

As a reader, I encourage you to follow the links I have provided to learn more about the teachings of each of the influences I am drawing upon. For the more studious of you, I have also provided links to their books for your reading pleasure.

The following reading is shared with the gracious permission of the client, whose name has been changed to respect her confidentiality. It is told here as a brief story summarized from the unfolding of the Awakening Universal Purpose layout, not as a transcript from the reading with all its details.

KIEU and her courageous journey to love…

When Kieu and I sat down for our reading, I knew very little about her except that she likes Tarot, practices Reiki, and is a grandmother. We both are tuned to the wisdom of Barbara Hand Clow, so she was very enthusiastic about participating in this new reading I was in the process of developing. We used her beautiful Crystal Tarot deck by Italian artist Elisabetta Trevisan.

1D – Iron core crystal center of Earth ~ VII Chariot

Kieu was born in Vietnam and spent her childhood under the threat of warring forces, the “chariot” warriors who invaded her country. This effected her at her core.

2D – Below the surface of the Earth ~ IX Hermit

Abandoned by her parents, Kieu felt alone, raised in an orphanage. She sunk more deeply into herself and was isolated from any sense of connection with others.

3D – Earth’s surface ~ Page of Pentacles

She deeply felt lost in the world and barely survived day to day. She had no tools for navigating her life.

4D – Archetypes ~ XI Strength

Kieu was full of fear and believed she had no love in her heart, with no one to model love for her. It felt like forces were working against her under which she was a victim.

5D – Love & creativity ~ X Wheel of Fortune

Her life made a major turn when she found a Bible from which she began to read. Kieu recalls receiving this message “Even though your parents abandoned you, I love you.” She experienced grace and was able to open her heart. For the first time she realized she was loveable. Rather than feeling like she was on the outside of the wheel with life rolling over her, she began to seek the center of love at the hub of the wheel, a place of balance.

6D – Geometric forms ~ 7 of Wands

Kieu expressed “I love 7s” when she saw this card and began to explain its association with the infinity symbol. It represents the spirit of forgiveness she embraced to heal from the feeling of being abandoned by her parents in Vietnam. She also extended this forgiveness to herself.

7D – Ideal harmonic/Light/Sound/Vibration ~ XVI The Tower

Energy medicine, specifically Reiki, has become a tool for self-healing while extending this healing energy/vibration to others in Kieu’s life. The desire to support the transformation and healing of others has become her passion in life.

8D – Divine light and creative potential ~ II High Priestess

Kieu completely resonates with this message, “You sacrificed for love.” She now knows she was meant to be a psychic-energy healer. Memories of her adoptive father, the one who rescued her from the Vietnamese orphanage because he could not help loving her, surface as she re-members the road she traveled, from being a lost little girl, to being loved, although at a distance from this family patriarch, to embracing the love of Jesus in her heart, and now channeling Divine love and healing to others.

9D – Milky Way galactic center ~ Queen of Wands

Kieu saw the Italian title for this card, “Regina di Bastoni,” and remembered the words of a Catholic Priest early in her life who expressed to her, “You are Regina” to which she has come to understand that he was saying she is a “Mary,” the feminine form of Christ. She recalled how she did not know how to love Mother Mary in her early Christian life, although she attempted to in prayer. She now realizes “Mary is the door.”

… if we had added the 10th card, as I do now in this layout, we may have explored what is beyond the door as the Universal Source’s original impulse for Kieu’s existence, her unique genetic spark in life.

Since this reading with Kieu I have added a tenth card, 10D Cosmic Tree/Divine Source and many facets of connection between card levels, positions, and cosmic forces. It is an in depth experience of universal energy as channeled through the inspiration of the Tarot exemplars. The journey is unique with each querent and takes at least 1.5 hours to complete.

I wish to thank all the willing souls who allowed me to further develop this Universe to Earth exploration through their unique lives. We have been blown away by the results. Each client felt energized and completely inspired to follow the most meaningful purpose of their life. I hope to share this empowering reading with all who are interested in deep soulful work.

To make an appointment for your “Awakening Universal Purpose” reading with me, please follow this link: Powerful AWAKENING UNIVERSAL PURPOSE reading

“Molto gratzi” to Italian artist Elisabetta Trevisan for use of her beautiful Crystal Tarot cards.

Deep appreciation to Barbara Bruch for providing images from her dynamic “sixth dimensional” Tarot of Cosmic Consciousness.


Decks I use to explore the full experience of the Awakening Universal Purpose spread are:

Voyager Tarot by James Wanless, one of the few decks that truly reflect all 10 dimensions of vibration.

Quantum Tarot (both versions), Kay Stopforth and Chris Butler, is another multi-dimensional Tarot deck.

Transparent Tarot by Emily Carding, can be used as a nested hierarchy of dimensional energy.

Gaia Matrix Oracle by Rowena Pattee Kryder, who has always been a multi-dimensional communicator through her art and life.

Robert Wang’s Jungian Tarot explores the classic archetypes of the 4th dimension.

The Mythic Tarot utilizes Greek myths to illustrate 4th dimensional archetypes, through the interpretation of Liz Greene, Juliet Sharman-Burke and Tricia Newell.

Deviant Moon Tarot takes us into the shadow side of the 4th dimension, guided by artist Patrick Valenza.

Science Tarot by Logan Austen Daniel, Martin Azevedo, and Raven Hanna bring the 2nd and 3rd dimensions to life in the Tarot.

Gaian Tarot by Joanna Powell Colbert celebrates the 2nd and 3rd dimension through the experiences of humanity on Earth.

The faeryland spirits of the 2nd dimension are revealed in Faeries Oracle and the art of Brian Froud.

Tarot of the Sidhe by Emily Carding, drawing from Gaelic mythology, creatures of the primal Earth 2nd dimension.

Books that influence the design and interpretation of the Awakening Universal Purpose spread are:

Alchemy of Nine Dimensions  – Barbara Hand Clow with Gerry Clow

Anatomy of the Spirit – Caroling Myss

The Cosmic Doctrine – Deon Fortune  (download PDF)

The Mayan Calendar and the Transformation of Consciousness Carl Johan Calleman

The Mayan Code  – Barbara Hand Clow with Gerry Clow

The Purposeful Universe –  Carl Johan Calleman

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