Favorite Book for 2011

“The art of interpreting Tarot images requires a developed intuition in conjunction with analytic thinking.” p. 145

Re-Symbolization of the Self — Human Development and Tarot Hermeneutic
by Inna Semetsky
2011 Sense Publishers, Rotterdam/Boston/Taipei

This was the year I discovered Inna Semetsky and fell in love with her mind and soul. My #1 pick for Tarot reading in 2011 is her latest book, Re-Symbolization of the Self — Human Development and Tarot Hermeneutic.

In my own mind and heart, I have felt the urgency of developing a scholarly approach to explaining the psychological workings behind Tarot as a phenomena and powerful tool for growth. Semetsky has far exceeded my abilities and I am thrilled to see her dedication to the in-depth research, writing, and promotion of the science and validity of Tarot cards and reading.

Re-Symbolization of the Self explores the relationship between outer images, in this case Tarot cards, and inner psycho-spiritual processes. Drawing from the insight and teaching of writers, such as Carl G. Jung’s transcendent function, Semetsky captures the dreaming process in many of its aspects to reveal what really goes on between object and subject in the creation of meaning.

Please follow this link to my full article exploring Re-Symbolization of the Self — Human Development and Tarot Hermeneutic

All quotes are by Inna Semetsky from this book, and I thank her for extending her gracious permission.

To read more about Inna Semetsky, or to schedule a reading with her, please visit her website: Inna’s Sense

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