Manifestation of the Mayan Calendar

One week from today, according to the calculations of Carl Johan Calleman, the Mayan Calendar reaches completion. I’ve had many friends, neighbors, and students ask me what the significance of this event means for they know I’ve been reading, studying, and meditating upon this subject for years.

I have never felt this event to be a doomsday prediction, as sensationalized in the media to promote fear and emotional drama. In fact, for me, it’s represents an opportunity to move away from fear, to transcend the necessity of duality, a root cause of fear when seen from the point of view of me versus you.

The Purposeful Universe – How Quantum Theory and Mayan Cosmology Explain the Origin and Evolution of Life is a profound body of research and theory by Dr. Calleman, a Swedish biologist who concludes his treatise with this thought…

…when all the nine cosmic forces associated with the Nine Underworlds are manifesting fully, we will be ready for something entirely new. We are then meant to reflect a quantum state that would allow us to perceive the unity of all things and to attain a new level of resonance with the divine source….to return to the Garden of Eden at a new and higher level…

The archetypal “Hero’s Journey” that runs through the major arcana of the Tarot transmits this same message…a return to unity. Rachel Pollack, in her brilliant book, The Kabbalah Tree – A Journey of Balance and Growth touches upon the symbolism of the two trees in the Garden of Eden, the Tree of Knowledge and the Tree of Life, both trees depicted on the Waite/Smith VI The Lovers trump.

The Tree of Knowledge has classically been described as the portal to awareness of good and evil (duality), which resulted in separation from the Garden of Eden, the origin of oneness, albeit “a kind of unconscious harmony” as expressed by Pollack. She goes on to convey that the Tree of Life grew inside the Tree of Knowledge as a symbol that “Life is embedded in knowledge.” Pathwork through the Kabbalah Tree is designed to help us grow, in our knowledge of life, and, ultimately, our awareness of unity with the Divine. This journey of oneness, through duality, and back to Divine oneness, is what I call “The Sacred Journey of Your Soul” the namesake of this weblog.

For over 15 years I have been associated with Unity Church, an organization dedicated to Divine unity consciousness. As a guest minister I’ve spoken about compassion as a gateway to unity awareness, as taught by Christs, Marys (female Christs), Martin Luther King, Jr., Mahatma Gandhi, and many other avatars of love. One of the greatest challenges to being more compassionate is the notion that you are separate from me, your issues do not relate to me, your pain is your own. Unity consciousness offers us an opportunity to expand our thoughts and our hearts to include all of life, to become less separate, and to return home to the Garden of Oneness.

My Life is my message. — Mahatma Gandhi

Now, as the final shift of consciousness is inspired by the conclusion of the Mayan Calendar’s 16.4 billion years of evolutionary biological and consciousness growth, it is no surprise to me to see people in the streets, all over the world, standing for a new paradigm. We may not know what it will look like, but we can feel the urgency of this time to make a quantum leap to a new sense of togetherness. The 99% are asking the 1% to join them on the social/political level, but in the background is an opportunity for people all over the globe to unite in spirit, to practice new skills for communicating, building bridges of understanding and compassion. The old paradigm looks for hierarchy and focus while asking… Who is your leader? What is your message? But as Marshall McLuhan would say “The medium is the message.” In other word, the manner in which people conduct themselves says more than any words, slogan, or sign.

So, fear not these times for fear is the great divider. It separates us from our connection with life and most certainly distances us from our hearts. Whether or not you resonate with the idea of the Mayan Calendar, the Tarot, the stories of mythology or religions metaphor, just look around you and keep your heart and mind open to the atmosphere of change that is all abound. One of the greatest teachings I’ve learned from life is that to be present in this moment brings me the closest to being truly alive. Just breathe and know you are alive in this moment. And if your consciousness allows, feel your connection with all of life. Welcome home!

* Photo from Train Spotter on Facebook
** Original Albano-Waite card image

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