Thanksgiving from a Blended American Point of View

…we give thanks every day for the blessings all around us, between us, and within us.

As I sit before my computer desk writing this Sunday’s Unity Church sermon on “Peace,” photos of loved ones and dear friends cover the top of the desk and the shelf above. The photo I took of Michael is calling to me and as I listen, he urges me to write about this time of year and how it effects those of us of Native American blood.

Michael “Standing Elk” Reibach

First, I wish to honor Michael and say a few things about him. Michael came to me in a dream three years before I met him in reality in 1993. From that point on, we were friends, and later, life-partners, celebrated publicly in our Native American “Bonding” marriage ceremony on September 14, 1996. Michael “Standing Elk” Reibach walked on into the Spirit World April 2, 2005.

When together, we were best friends and would talk about many things. We had a spiritual connection and walked in both worlds, the consensus reality world of European influence, and the traditional Native American (NA) world with all its painful history and powerful teachings.

These teachings from our ancestors remind us to “walk in beauty” for it is the walk of peace and balance in this world. Our NA elders remind us to honor and respect all of life, and to take pride in our heritage. We give thanks every day for the blessings all around us, between us, and within us.

I do not celebrate Thanksgiving. I do gather with friends and neighbors in a shared space of love and generosity. I give thanks every day for life, blessings, and aligning with Great Spirit’s purpose.

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