Equinox Tarot/oracle “Equi-Noggin” Spread

It happened again, but this time, right when I stepped out of the shower…the Divine suddenly gave me a download of what I should be sharing in my FREE quarterly Global Meetup Circle “Meet & Greet” (solstices & equinoxes), held on September 18th…yesterday. This happens every time I’m preparing to teach something like this, and I just leave lots of room for these possibilities when in a live gathering, mostly online these days.

After the GMC folks gather from around the world to socialize, talk shop, and “Show & Tell” about their latest projects as well as deck or book acquisitions, we spend the second hour engaged in a unique, seasonal reading that I have created…actually downloaded…Haha.

In celebration of the Equinox…or “Equi-Noggin”…the message I heard when I exited the shower, I’d like to share this healing spread for psychological balance and integration with you. Before you start this exercise, please meditate on the associations for the unique activities of each side of the brain, in the “Left/Right Brain” images.

EQUI-NOGGIN SPREAD (For you young folks, “noggin” means head)

  1. Grab your favorite Tarot or oracle deck and spread the cards, face up.
  2. Without thinking about it, quickly create two piles of up to five cards each:
    1. Pile on your Left, represents your left brain.
    2. Pile on your Right, represents your right brain.
  3. Review the cards in each pile and notice if there is one from each pile that wishes to have a conversation with the other. Perhaps, they have a unique or oppositional relationship.
    • This is the “art” of following the dialogue or dance between these two cards.
      • What do they have in common?
      • How are they opposites?
      • How does each represent their respective side of the brain (left/right)?
    • Example…Left Brain = IV Emperor / Right Brain = III Empress
  4. Once the two cards find their common purpose or message for you, you are ready to pick a card from your deck that represents this blending of the two sides of mind.
    • This third card is the healing energy that creates a healthy connection, or balance between the two sides of brain function.
    • Example… Blended card =VI Lovers, combines Emperor + Empress
  5. Pull out your journal and reflect on what you learned in this process. Place the Blended card on your altar, or somewhere visible, to support your daily awareness of its energy in your life.

In our September 19, 2022 “Meet & Greet”, everyone had wonderful results using this new process…and wishing you the best.

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Have fun!

If you’d like to join our Global Meetup Circle online gatherings, we’d love to have you! Just check for future events, such as the quarterly “Meet & Greets”.

Special thanks to http://www.CARTOONaDAY.com for the “Left/Right Brain” featured image, and to The Human Memory for their detailed graphic.

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