“Rose Kelly” – Radio Artist

Who is “Rose Kelly” and where has she gone?

OK…here is something you probably don’t know about me, and for which this Forest Mystic introvert has been shy to share…until now. Spirit told me it was time to reveal to you a major part of my history, my career before becoming a counselor, yet an art I continue to participate in, albeit via cyber-space, these days.

Since the age of 17, I have been involved with public affairs radio and community organizing. I dedicated over 20 years of my life to public radio, in front of the microphone and behind the scenes, supporting the organization, training fellow staff members, and involving local community. What was so exciting about this medium, back in the 1970s when I stepped into the radio world, was making information and human brilliance available to all in the most accessible and immediate manner…before the internet!

So who is “Rose Kelly”…my air name, the identity I broadcast into the world while maintaining my quiet little life. Often just going as “Rose”…which you may know as my avatar.

In my years on radio, I developed an engaging interviewing style, combined with intellect, expanding knowledge, interests, and life experiences, which helped create lively and comprehensive dialogues with my diverse collection of guests.

Within my 20-year live radio career, I had the honor of interviewing local, national, and international musicians, writers, actors, visual artists, health practitioners, philosophers, social activists, politicians, and the general public. Formats utilized ranged from interviews on the street to call-in talk shows, personality spotlights to professionally engineered live music and panel discussions.

A little history…back in 1971 I began as a high school intern in the news department at KPKT, a Pacifica radio station in Houston, TX. In my early college years I majored in Mass Communications with an emphasis in photography, journalism, and radio broadcasting, expanding my major to graduate with a BA in Community Studies with an emphasis in Communications Media. Back in those days, in order to broadcast legally, one had to pass the 3rd Class FCC broadcast license test, which I accomplished on my first try!

In and out of my college years I volunteered at college and community public radio stations, starting with co-founding KOCC, Orange Coast College radio in Costa Mesa, CA; KZSC, University of California in Santa Cruz; KUGS, Western Washington University; one of the first DJs for KZAZ in Bellingham, WA; and KLCC, Lane Community College, Eugene, OR.

My favorite and longest running radio show was a music program called “Varying Ambiance” which aired on KZSC off and on for about seven years (1977-1985). “Rose”, my alter ego, developed a specialty showcasing a spectrum of music, from international electronic artists to mostly acoustic offerings, what became known as New Age Music. I still have my very impressive private music collection…LPs, CDs, cassette tapes. What was truly unique is that I, along with Stephen Hill of “Music from the Hearts of Space” at KPFA in Berkeley, offered the first electronic music radio programs, highlighting this newly evolving medium. Hearts of Space is now a syndicated NPR program and still airs these celestial vibrations.

I used to ride my bicycle everywhere, including to work when living in Santa Cruz, and would pass by this fascinating old radio station on the Monterey Bay, fantasizing that I and my dear radio friend, Darv Krizton, would turn it into a New Age/Electronic music station. Well, part of this dream came true when KLRS was created in 1988 as a commercial FM station…and I was invited to join the team of professional DJs…Wow. That is when a last name, “Kelly”, was added to “Rose”, in order to sound like a real person. As the only DJ who actually knew the artists of their “New Adult Contemporary” format, I had the fun job of interviewing such musicians as Yanni, Andreas Vollenweider (in photo), Jean Luc Ponty, Dean & Dudley Evenson – Soundings of the Planet, Patrick O’Hearn, Suzanne Ciani, John Tesh, and more…

KLRS 99.1 Santa Cruz @ 1988-89, “Rose Kelly” with Swiss harpist, Andreas Vollenweider, and Don the station manager

Over the years, I wore many hats in the broadcasting and journalism world. Starting with public radio news reporting at my first volunteer position in high school, then moved on to eventually hold positions such as Public Affairs Director, Promotions Director, Music Director, and Volunteer Trainer at my various college radio stations. In addition to radio skills, I published the station’s radio guide utilizing my journalism and photography skills. When in college I also worked on the college newspaper and later a community news magazine. Did I mention I also had some experience with television and video production? Yikes…did I have a social life…not much!

Where has “Rose Kelly” gone?

Rose Kelly retired from public radio when she moved out to the woods on the Oregon Coast in late 1991. Although I was offered a coveted music slot for “New Dreamers” on KLCC, it was just too long of a commute to drive to Eugene from the coast each week. This triggered a release of my old identity, yet, a healthy shedding so new energies could emerge…as new friends discovered my knowledge of Tarot and began asking me to teach and offer readings…mercy, how life has her interesting twists and turns. Here is my Tarot website for more information: TarotCounseling.org

Looking back at my radio history and experience, it is amazing to see how we can communicate, now, via the internet in our own homes/offices. I naturally took to this medium, designing my own websites, creating most of my visuals, videos, audio recordings, books, being a guest on various podcasts and vlogs, as well as traveling for public speaking and teaching internationally.

Katrina Wynne & Gina Thies “Oracle Soup” podcast

You may have come across my podcast called “Oracle Soup“, produced with co-host, Gina Thies…a place where we combine our 80 years of Tarot and oracle experience with reading skills and add guest spotlights in our “Kitchen Table Conversations.”

The next chapter of my creative and artistic life is a wonderful mystery, yet one who, like the Fool, am happy to leap into. I look forward to offering more, exciting, ways to grow and learn together. Thinking of offering my own vlog on Tarot and other oracles…who knows what tomorrow might bring.

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