Exciting New Oracle Decks!

I seldom write about oracle decks, much less review them, but two have come into my life recently that I am so excited about and wish to share the news. What they have in common from my perspective is a move away from prediction and interpretation with more emphasis on guidance and depth of experience.

The first I wish to share is the Oracle of the Micropatterns. More specifically, the book by my dear Tarot friend Regina LaRocca, inspired by 44 truly unique card images by her father, Jerry LaRocca.

If you like modern physics, metaphysics, energy awareness, and deep soulful guidance, Regina’s thoughts and teachings will delight you and help you feel at home all at the same time. Under the guise of instructing you how to read the cards, she actually takes you on a profound journey as she shares her philosophy about the energy grids behind all life, the structure in the background that we are here to expand into, and heal, where necessary, encouraging us to tune into the subtle frequencies all around and within us.

“My intention with this book is to help each person connect with their own higherself and their guides in order to stand empowered in their own knowing, to experience unconditional Love for the Whole, and to gain the clarity to manifest a beautiful world.”

An example of the wisdom Regina graces us with….

“Forgiveness cuts the cords to the situation in the past and returns the life force that is leaking out there.” “You are forgiving the state of consciousness someone was in when they did such and such, not ‘what’ they did.”

Like a wise guide, each description of the lesson in that card is a rich picture of what the querent is challenged to learn and invited to embrace in life. Spiritual tones, healing guidance, and practical recommendations imbue each lesson as a gentle invitation to grow and expand your awareness, to be your Higher Self!

Card 5 – Alien AircraftSomething powerful is arriving.”

Card 21 – Gates of Fire – Powers of earth and fire. The sacred task of entropy and destruction.”

Card 24 – High Pool – Allowing input from a bigger field. Allowing a flow from Source energy.”

As I read Regina’s book, realizing what an old soul she is and why she has always had a sweet place in my heart, I kept hearing a wish in my mind say, “If only I had read this book when I was in my 20s…I’d be so much further in my own journey.”

Thank you, Regina, for bringing this wisdom forth. As a quid pro quo I’d like to share one of my favorite books with you that compliments your thoughts…Alchemy of Nine Dimension, by Barbara Hand Clow and Jerry Clow.


Now to share with you the second oracle deck that just blew me away…in a positive way…The Sovereign Oracle“a wee deck created to support big souls in achieving their visions.” by Theresa Pridemore, creator of The Portland Tarot majors-only decks (and the fabulous photographer behind my recent professional portraits).

Although well known for her photographic illustrations on cards, Theresa shines her oracular wisdom and sagacious prose, the central focus for each of the 90ish (hoping she adds more cards to this deck-in-progress) cards, in this deceptively simple deck.

Witnessing her give sample readings over live Facebook videos this past month, it reminded me of consulting the I Ching for guidance…not predictions. Each card stands alone with several lines of wisdom ready to support your Highest Self…and now you can see why I had to review both of these oracles together. It is as if the cosmos is showering us with the gifts of universal intelligence and profound guidance so we can leave the old life of fear and doubt behind.

At the time of this writing, Theresa is conducting an Indiegogo campaign for the production of this deck and although she has easily met her goal, the additional support she hopes to garner may allow her to add more cards and I’ll admit this is a selfish goal of mine…more cards. So feel free to check out the The Sovereign Oracle at the following link and come aboard the “peace train” (hearing music is one of my psychic channels….I rarely hear spoken words from others, mostly sung words through music) and relish the sweet music of the messages from this new oracle.


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