The Marble Table

“Lady Dorothy” Dreifort was my Tarot mentor in the 1980s. I looked forward to my annual Tarot readings with her, sitting at her white round marble table in the corner of the cozy kitchen of her Jewel Box home.

The first thing she would do is select one or two Queen cards as my Significator, based on her intuitive impression of me at that time in my life. This set the tone for the reading. Besides the supportive and insightful readings, I adored Dorothy and her gentle spirit. A beautiful, glowing, silver-haired crone in her late 70s, she represented who I wanted to be when I reach her level of eldership.

As I enter my 62nd year, it’s been in my heart and mind to find a round marble top for my Tarot table and I am so thrilled to share that I found the perfect piece of marble at a local resource where I had it custom cut.

As you can see in the image, below, the veins in the marble remind me of the trees I love all around my home…rich browns and amazing accents of green. In addition, I inherited from my mother a unique Southwest pinyon pine tree pedestal table with a rotating top, perfect for turning the card layout around to view from different angles.


“It is as if I took a slice of her skin, or perhaps the eyeball of Mother Earth, veins and all, and brought her indoors to bless my work with the cards.” — Katrina Wynne

In a future blog post I would love to share with you more about Lady Dorothy!

To schedule your in-person private reading on this sacred table, please follow this link for more information.

Voyager Tarot cards used with the gracious permission of James Wanless…thank you!

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