Oracle Soup – 50th Podcast


Have you discovered the resourceful and delightful podcast that Gina Thies and myself, Katrina Wynne, produce titled Oracle Soup? Since 2013 we have posted 20-30 minute recordings on a variety of topics.

Oracle Soup topics & tips:

  • Decks & books
  • Reading skills
  • Counseling & ethics
  • Business of being an oracle
  • Presentations & conferences
  • Tarot schools & programs

A popular feature of our podcasts are the Kitchen Table Conversations we have with Tarot and oracular luminaries, such as Mary Greer, Rana George, James Wanless, Thalassa, and many more.

Join our group of listeners and friends on Facebookhere. We love to receive your comments and requests for future Oracle Soup topics. Thanks!

Just for fun, here is a link to our YouTube video with a personal introduction for listeners of the Oracle Soup podcast.

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