“Going to a Meeting” – Tarot Meetups

Denver, Colorado

Denver, Colorado

This October I found myself in Denver, Colorado, for a few weeks. My mother had unexpectantly died and I was there to support family and her friends as we all reeled from the sadness and celebration of her transition.

I needed to get out of the house to care for my well-being. I noticed I kept using this phrase, “I’m going to a meeting” as I borrowed rides or cars to get around. It occurred to me after the second time I used that line that they might think I was headed to an Alcoholic’s Anonymous (AA) meeting. Not in my case, but the meetings I attended shared the same value of serving my spiritual needs.

My reprieve from my mother’s after life duties was attending Denver Tarot Meetup (DTM) meetings and “Socials.” Denver is one of the three largest Tarot meetup communities in the world, with about nine gatherings a month offered all over the greater Denver area. This Tarot and metaphysical oasis has been a favorite stop for me on my annual Tarot Tour. Denver is very centrally located when flying around the USA. The DMT organizing team; Joy Vernon, Sherry Shone, Renna Shesso, Sherry Padillo, Linda Bean, Jason L, and other helpful souls, has always offered me a warm welcome and a guest spot teaching in their meetings.

HangedMan-cardIn all, I attended five meetings, each with exercises and lessons that supported my need to be introspective or to share with like spirits. At a time so close to Samhain or Halloween, I received needed messages for guidance, highlighting my “Hanged One” experience, life turned upside, down.

I send out my love and gratitude to Joy and all the wonderful souls who kept my spirits up during a very trying time. I look forward to exploring and sharing Tarot and metaphysical wisdom with you for years to come.


XII Hanged Man card, Voyager Tarot, used with permission by James Wanless


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