I am so excited to be offering my Professional Tarot Consulting Certificate Course to the world and invite your inquiries and, hopefully, your participation in this unique, interactive learning experience. For testimonials from graduates and more details about this program, please visit my webpage, link here.

Linda Marson of Global Spiritual Studies interviewed me for her blog (link here) about my wonderful new training program for all aspiring readers. Below is a repost of that conversation.


Becoming a professional tarot consultant with Katrina Wynne
Posted on August 3, 2014 by linda

When can you confidently call yourself a professional tarot consultant? How do you know if the readings you offer measure up to what potential clients would describe as a professional service? Tarot is an area where many people start by doing readings as a sideline to a ‘mainstream’ job. Gradually they find they want to turn their casual tarot consultancy service into a full-time occupation.

Katrina Wynne’s  Certificate course in professional tarot consultancy has been designed to meet the needs of the growing number of people in this situation. Techniques for fine-tuning tarot reading skills are covered in the classes, but so too are the skills needed to develop a professional tarot business. These include basic counselling skills, ethics and business skills, particularly in the area of marketing and promotion.

When you sign up for the course you receive recordings of the eight classes and access to a private online discussion group where you connect with Katrina and a community of enthusiastic learners for a period of eight weeks. You have access to additional resource materials and the opportunity to discuss topics, practise exercises and receive personal supervision from Katrina. The classes have also been packaged as four sets of master classes which can be purchased separately from the full Certificate program.

The next online discussion group runs from 15 September – 15 NovemberSign up now so you can start watching the recordings in preparation for the 8-week intensive.

Here I talk with Katrina about the background to the course and her approach to guiding and mentoring  tarot readers on their professional journey.

LM: What are the benefits of a certificate course for tarot readers or consultants?

KW: A certificate program sets specific goals and establishes a curriculum for achieving those goals. It’s an agreement between facilitator and student that sets the parameters for activities and shared learning. Receiving a final certificate honors and celebrates students who have made a commitment to their own excellence in a topic of personal interest, often associated with their chosen profession or occupation. Working toward a certificate can also be a motivating force for people who might otherwise lose their focus.

LM: What’s your answer to skeptics who say that reading tarot cards is too nebulous an activity to have formal training, let alone a certificate course which implies that tarot reading is a ‘real’ job?


Katrina surrounded by happy students!

KW: Reading cards, much like counseling, holds the heart and soul of another in one’s hands. Counseling skills and ethics are essential knowledge, values, and skills to be utilized in a professional manner, within the scope of one’s practice. Scope of practice is determined by one’s training and certification, as well as local ordinances and laws that affect one’s profession. It is my belief that we can all raise the bar as readers to meet more professional standards while educating the public on the diversity of styles of readings and the valuable service we provide.

LM: What led you into designing a certificate course?

KW: After hundreds of requests from around the world to bring my Transformative Tarot Counseling™ Certification Program to their area or to offer classes online, I spent years searching for an internet format that would support the kind of two-way interactive learning style that I prefer. It is important to me as a teacher to get to know each student and to customize some of their learning to support their unique interests. Call me old school, but I like that personal touch.

When I discovered Global Spiritual Studies I knew I had found the best home for my presentations and coursework. Students enjoy the video presence of the presenter who guides them through a PowerPoint presentation. As a Tarot “visual”, I find this is better than writing a book. It brings the lessons to life in ways words can not. I take full advantage of this wonderful visual medium in each class, chocked full of illustrations, helpful guides, and handouts.

LM: How did you find the process of converting your face-to-face program into an online format?

KW: It was a daunting task to condense each six-hour workshop into a 1-hour multimedia presentation. Plus, I reorganized some of my course materials and expanded upon topics, such as what it is to be intuitive or psychic. Professional business and promotion is another subject that underwent considerable expansion. After 20 years as a public reader and teacher, I had a wealth of experience to share in that area.

For each recording I created new illustrations, reached out to wonderful artists and bloggers to share their visual graphics, re-worked the exercises to support solitary as well as group activities, updated my references and resources, developed new handouts, and talked a bit faster than I would normally. HaHa!
In addition, I expanded much of the presentation to incorporate other styles of reading, such as Petit Lenormand, I Ching, and other oracles.

LM: What can students expect during the eight-week periods when you’re actively participating in a private online discussion group with them?

KW: First, I strongly recommend that Professional Tarot Consulting Certificate Course students purchase and view the recordings as soon as possible, possibly watching them twice. I also urge each student to watch my “Beginning Tarot – Knowledge” mini-series first to prepare them for my unique, psycho-spiritual approach to Tarot and all things metaphysical.

After the first viewing of each class, read the required reading. This will help pull the lesson together. The “secret” online study group is by invitation only for currently registered students. We work together on all sorts of activities – from discussing topics, reading assignments to exercises in dyads. I provide personal supervision, inspirational resources and links, not to mention a list of over 1000 titles in my personal library!

To receive a certificate students complete a written assignment and a final exam. This is not as scary as it sounds – the questions are relatively easy and drawn from class materials and readings.

Once students have completed this fast paced experiential group and been awarded their certificate, they are invited to join the ongoing support group with a wonderful community of past graduates.

LM: Some classes cover topics that appear to go beyond the skills and knowledge required by tarot readers. For example, Kabbalah, astrology and alchemy. Why do you include these topics in your program?

02KW: Many tarot and other decks incorporate these metaphysical traditions. Look, for instance at card number 2 in the Major Arcana, the High Priestess. In the Waite/Smith and many other Tarot decks this card has a multitude of symbols that enhance the diversity and depth of its message. For example, from a numerological perspective the number two represents balance between worlds, conscious and unconscious, also pure Yin energy.

From a Kabbalistic perspective you have the two columns “J” and “B” (Jachin and Boaz) from the Temple of Solomon, the outer, dualistic pillars of the Tree of Life. You can also look at this card with an astrologer’s eye – the Moon suggests feminine cycles and wisdom, which in Greek mythology equals Artemis. From a symbolic perspective you have pomegranates (= fertility), a veil (= gateway between worlds) and a blue flowing gown (= water and unconscious realm).


The alchemical lesson illustrates the process of change, which is the goal of many readings—how can I change my life in a more life-enhancing way?

LM: What do you see as the final outcome for your students?

KW: By the time each student has completed this certificate course, they have an increased respect for the diversity of Tarot and other oracles. But more importantly, they begin to move in a direction that calls to them, incorporating what is useful and leaving what does not fit their current needs. All this is accomplished in a supportive learning environment where students get to experiment and try on new skills as they develop their own style.

…for more details about the variety of ways to study these materials with Katirna, either as a self-directed student, or a member of the group online PTC Certificate Course, please visit Katrina’s website page (link here) for testimonials and more information about this unique opportunity.

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July is prime time for sunshine and celebration as summer comes into full swing. Here are some of the exciting events I will be attending or creating!

If you are in Oregon this month, don’t miss these fabulous opportunities to gather and share our love of Tarot, nature, and life.


 OREGON COUNTRY FAIR — July 10 – 13   link here

Katrina's booth in the Mothership at the Oregon Country Fair

Katrina’s booth in the Mothership at the Oregon Country Fair

Set in the wild woods west of Eugene, Oregon, this is the 45th anniversary of the OCF. This is my 23rd year at the fair and 15th year with the Mothership booth.

I love my colorful booth space set in the natural surroundings of this sacred land. Somehow my readings are more powerful and transformational in this environment. My theory is that the fair atmosphere is conducive for opening the doors of perception to deeper and more meaningful experiences.

My offerings include: Transformative Tarot Consulting™, Pathworking with Tarot Numerology, Chakra/Gemstone readings, Petite Lenormand cards, and Dream Analysis.

Hope to see you there!! Here is how to find me:

Mothership (M-55) off Chela Mela Meadow on Wooten Way, next to the Knishes, across from Sumo Sushi.

Open for Fair Family appointments starting Thursday. Available all weekend. If you know when you are coming and would like to reserve your session now, please contact me ASAP: mail@TarotCounseling.org

“Like” our Facebook page, “OCF Mothership


18TH ANNUAL TAROT RETREAT — July 26 & 27  link here

Tarot Retreat 2010

Tarot Retreat 2010

You deserve to treat yourself to a wonderful weekend of Tarot exploration and fun!

This is the 18th Annual Tarot Retreat located at Earth Heaven, Yachats, Oregon. The theme this year is XVIII The Moon, as we delve into the many layers of meaning and personal transformational energy of this celestial guide.

The Earth Heaven Tarot Temple is finally complete!! For those who have been here before, you know how exciting this is, with new French doors and windows, siding, a loft, and new deck. I am moving many of my Tarot books into the temple for us to play and explore.

If you would like more information about this exciting event, please  follow this link to visit my Oregon Tarot Retreat webpage. You can download the registration form from that page. Ride shares are being arranged from Portland. Bring a new friend and take advantage of the $25 discount on your registration.


PATHWAYS TO TRANSFORMATION — August 2 & 3  link here


This is also the 18th year for this exciting psychic fair in Yachats, on the beautiful Central Oregon Coast. With fresh flowers from my summer garden and the warmth of all my local psychic and healing friends under one great roof, this is the best psychic fair in the world. Yes, the best because of the wonderful energy, diversity of offerings, and free talks both days. It truly is a transformational opportunity.

You can find my booth space, as always, in the NE corner of the main room. My offerings include: Transformative Tarot Consulting™, Pathworking with Tarot Numerology, Chakra/Gemstone readings, Petite Lenormand cards, and Dream Analysis.

Pathworking with Tarot Numerology. is the topic of this year’s talk on Saturday at 12:30 in the “Speaker room.” This is the subject of my book in the works.

Have a fabulous summer (northern hemisphere), and hope our paths merge.




My passion for Tarot is something I have wanted to write about for some time. It is one thing to talk about and teach the subject of Tarot, but what is the attraction? What keeps the fire growing for 40+ years?

After teaching an Introduction to Alchemy & Kabbalah in Tarot webinar this week, my fiery passion takes on more meaning—as if I am the dreamy alchemist in my laboratory meditating on the elixir of life and eternity.

The alchemy of working with Tarot and my client’s transformation is my calling. It is as if I go into a shamanic trance and enter the dream realm with my students or clients as their guide through the dark, coaxing their courageous adventure into the unknown, through the abyss, to be reborn on the other side with enhanced awareness. I have also applied the metaphor of being a spiritual midwife, birthing new awareness with each client or student who wishes to face their challenges, die to their fears, to be renewed with excitement and confidence about their life.

Tarot, then, is not only the tool for such transformations, but the visual metaphor of the pathwork on such a journey. It is the perfect ally for my alchemical processes.

I have this fantasy to create a Tarot Temple titled, “Temple of Transformation” with a warning posted outside the entrance, “Beware….for whoever enters this temple will not be the same.”  Bwahaha……

In summary, my passion for Tarot is more focused on the experience of this oracle than on the information provided. It was Marshall McLuhan who coined the phrase, “The medium is the message,” which when twisting the words, adds a whole new dimension to its meaning

This is a great question to ask oneself in general—what is your passion? To have passion for life, or any part of it, truly supports a more meaningful experience. You and I may have passion for the same topic or activity, but the motivation behind it can be quite different. I encourage you to explore this topic and find, or refine, your understanding of your purpose and passion in life.

Cue Alicia Keys music….”This girl is on fire….”



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Wow…already time for another adventure, taking me back to Portland, Oregon, Denver, Colorado and New York City (NYC).

Here is what is in store for many of my Tarot peeps as I visit you in your wonderful part of the world…


April 11 – 14 in Portland, Oregon teaching and reading at New Renaissance Bookshop, the largest metaphysical bookshop west of the Mississippi River.

Friday the 11th offers an intensive Dream Class & Clinic where student bring their dreams, nightmares, or visions to explore in an empowering and safe environment.




Friday the 18th back in Denver providing private sessions at Isis Books, and teaching Sexual Symbolism & Meaning in the Tarot that evening for the Denver Tarot Meetup (DTM). So happy to see this wonderful group of Tarot enthusiasts again.

Saturday the 19th, I return to Isis Books to share An Introduction to Lenormand Cards for the DTM, my intensive presentation for beginners and the newly initiated.

That afternoon I teaching my classic course on Counseling Skills & Ethics, a condensed version of my 6-hour workshop squeezed into a 2-hour class, designed for all Metaphysical Consultants. As with all my classes, I provide rich materials and plenty of helpful handouts.

On site will be copies of my book, An Introduction to Tarot Counseling, available for purchase at my book signing. If you are in the Denver area, please contact me for a private session, or to just say “Howdy!”

Perhaps I will have time for some fun, if there is any snow left on the ski slopes!


Next stop, New York City with my Oracle Soup sister, Gina Thies. We plan to visit museums while we continue our intensive research into the history and influences of our favorite oracles. I will definitely be joining Robert M. Place and students at the Metropolitan Museum of Art for his private tour of the Met’s Tarot archives.

After our adventure in NYC, Gina and I will cross the river into Queens for Reader’s Studio where we have already begun to line up a fabulous list of our Tarot and oracle friends on special topics we are preparing to cook. Some of those topics include: Palmistry, Astrology, Divine Feminine,Catholicism, spiritual influences, research, intellectual approaches, business, promotion, vlogging, webinars, and more. Never a dull moment in the Oracle Soup kitchen as we celebrate our first anniversary of offering this sweet and informative podcast!


April 25 – 27, we have three fabulous days at Readers’ Studio, communing with our Tarot peeps, and sharing our love of oracles. Linda Marson of Global Spiritual Studies will be there with DVDs from the many quality webinars she has recorded for my students on such topics as Beginning Tarot, Sacred Journey of Your Soul – through the Major Arcana, The Grid of Life – Minor Arcana, and Tarot, Magic, & Transformation.

During Reader’s Studio I have the rare opportunity to teach one of the Friday Night Study Groups, offering this new topic for all Metaphysical Consultants, 4 Steps of a Highly Meaningful Reading + Counseling Skills Open Tutorial.

You can watch an interview produced by the Amberstones for Reader’s Studio by following this link to The Tarot School presents…7 Minutes with Katrina Wynne.

I will have my newest beaded creation, my power tiara, placed regally upon my crown. There will certainly be photos on Facebook, so please tune in for the play-by-play.



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When Spirit calls, I respond…HolyCardTarot.02

It began with a handful of my friends and neighbors asking me to teach them Tarot. A few years passed with more invitations to teach. After awhile, my basic Tarot students requested more advanced lessons. In my typical Taurian style, I took this request to heart and looked for ways to manifest and ground this directive. I had 30 years of Tarot knowledge under my belt at that time and knew this was no small task.

After some soul searching, meditating on what I find to be the key ingredients to learning a more transformative and dynamic style of reading Tarot and other metaphysical tools, I created the Transformative Tarot Counseling™ Certification Program in 1998. Many students from the Oregon/Washington area participate in the various classes with a significant number of graduates on various levels of the program.

Eventually, requests began appearing from all over the world, especially after I published my second book, An Introduction to Transformative Tarot Counseling – the High Art of Reading, inquiring about whether I travel to teach or offer teleclasses. I resisted the internet class option for there was a very important ingredient that would be missing for me, something I know to be essential to truly learning a new art…the personal presence and guidance of the mentor, along with the dynamic interaction between students. Technology had not yet satisfied my multimedia vision of a classroom and the live, interactive component so important to learning.

Last year I discovered Global Spiritual Studies (GSS) and the many wonderful webinars/DVDs/online access choices they provide students on a multitude of topics. Linda Marson produces a professional product with exciting options, such as live webinars with an active chat room. The presenter is visually present, clearly heard, plus there is a PowerPoint presentation running throughout the class. In addition to the live webinar, the presentation is recorded and available there after as a DVD or online access. Of course, there are handouts included with each class.

In 2013 I tested the waters and produced two webinars with GSS. GSS link here. This was a great success and opened my mind to other possibilities that lead me to fulfilling the requests I have received world-wide. In addition to the great webinar format, I have added a Facebook Support Group for students interested in interacting, discussing course topics, practicing exercises together, and working toward certification. Please read on for more details about this exciting new way of learning on a global level.


This new e-course is composed of 11 unique classes. They are divided into two segments:

Please join my FREE Introduction to Tarot Cards on February 11, 2014 (6 pm PST). If this time does not work for your schedule, it will be recorded and available as a free class. For either option please sign up at GSS.

For a complete description of the program and its many wonderful features, please visit my webpage here.

Here are some of the highlights:

Course topics include:

  • Intuitive skill building
  • Finding the story through various card spreads
  • Professional counseling skills and ethics
  • Developing and promoting your service
  • Advanced reading skills
  • Learning the language of symbols
  • Dreamwork and its relationship with reading
  • Metaphysical layers of meaning in the Tarot (including an introduction to Astrology, Alchemy, & Kabbalah)

If you are interested in an intensive study that results in personal knowledge, experience, and a certificate acknowledging your fine work, all while creating community with a group of fantastic students, you will love the Certificate Course track. This extends the webinar lessons and supports them with personal supervision and custom designed exercises for your continued learning.

Certificate students are invited to join my private Facebook Tarot Consulting Support Group where we engage in the following activities and extras:

  • Topic discussions
  • Reading assignments
  • Exercises in dyads
  • Supervision by Katrina
  • Inspirational resources
  • Current list of Katrina’s Tarot library with over 1000 titles

Certificate will be earned by:

  • Written assignments *
  • Exams *

* relatively easy work, done at the student’s pace.

Once coursework is completed, each student will receive a:

  • Personalized certificate of completion
  • 30-minute professional Life Coach session with Katrina

For  students who are self-directed, the program and handouts stand alone and support your ongoing learning.

Feel free to contact Katrina with your questions about the program and about the certification track.

Katrina Wynne
541 / 547-5123 (USA)

The Holy Card Tarot image used with permission by Patty Gallagher

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Happy Solstice everyone! Each year around this time, I create a new “Goal Map” for my coming year, sometimes combined with a Tarot card exploration. On our Oracle Soup podcast (December 27, 2013), Gina Ties and I cover a variety of creative ways to prepare for your new year with the cards. Here, I would like to share with you some special ideas and techniques I utilize to manifest my life’s potential.

Much of the information shared in this post is drawn from a powerful workshop I teach Finding Your Soul Purpose and Path in Life, an experience that helps students identify their strengths and unique skills. These qualities are then condensed into a focus and purpose in their life. Finally, we develop goals and the steps to work toward and ground their vision.

We all have a purpose in life. Those who deny this fact may not be aware of their purpose, but once their life is examined and the breadcrumbs of influence and life choices are revealed, the pattern becomes more apparent. In my 25+ years as a psychotherapist and Transformative Tarot Consultant™ searching for one’s purpose is the most common theme I have observed with my clients and, thus, the inspiration for developing this process to help support us all in making better choices that align with our greatest potential.

Powerful tools for successfully realizing your potential:

  1. Know your Soul Purpose, your Mission Statement
  2. Create a Mind Map (or a Vision Board) as a visual mandala of goals and affirmations for the coming years.
  3. Develop a Vision Statement
  4. Work out doable steps to accomplishing goals on a time-line.

Although each of these four tools merits a page, and could be developed into a book, I would like to introduce you to them as concepts and make suggestions for further study.

Mission Statement

In a previous blogpost, Soul Purpose “The Call to Adventure”, I reflect upon the search for Truth we each are called to discover in our lives. This search includes finding your compass needle and aligning with it’s direction. An important element is discovered by understanding your needs, as defined in my last weblog, What is Desire?.

Knowing your orientation gives you a focus and direction in which to move forward with intention. This direction and intention is what makes up your “Mission Statement” as described by Laurie Beth Jones in her instructive workbook, The Path.

Mind Map / Vision Board

Next, allow your imagination and intuition to flow freely as you explore various dreams and visions that align with your purpose. For example, part of my mission is to be an inspiration for transformation and change. From this awareness the character of my Tarot work became better defined, placing more emphasis on my transformational skills and gifts for the world…including this article.

Tarot folks have a great tool for visioning….Tarot cards. You can pull out one or two decks with visuals that inspire you. Go through the deck and select cards (face up) that match aspects of your dreaming. If you do not have a Tarot deck, this can be done with magazine clippings or internet images, such as on Pinterest. In essence, you are creating a collage incorporating the various parts of your visioning process.


One of my favorite tools for organizing the free flow of possibilities is to create a mind map. (BTW there are lots of great Mind Map apps) With your Mission Statement in the center, notice how many branches, or arms, there are to your world. As a Taoist, I utilize the Bagua Map to represent the eight areas of my life, changing some of the labels to match my life priorities. From each of these branches, there are finer details attached as limbs. My “Career” branch has limbs for: Soulful Counseling, Sacred Journey of Your Soul book series, Transformative Tarot Consulting™, Transformative Tarot Teaching. Then each of these limbs carry smaller offshoots such as with teaching: Professional Tarot Consulting Course webinars, Reader’s Studio 14 class, New Renaissance Bookshop classes, etc.

Vision Statement

By the time you have filled the page with your map or vision collage, half the work is done. This is your outline for developing a Vision Statement. In this statement, you affirm your activities as an unfolding story of your life and accomplishments. Remember, affirmations are written as if they are happening in the moment, are alive, a reality in your life.

Again, using myself as an example, in my Vision Statement I include language that expresses the current and ongoing activities mentioned above, with embellishments. Example: “My Professional Tarot Consulting Course webinar series is a huge success with students attending from around the world. The timely publication of my latest book, “Sacred Journey of Your Soul—through the Major Arcana, Vol. I” illustrated concepts presented throughout the course, inspiring Tarot readers to learn more powerful and ethical ways to support change and transformation for their clients, and the world.”

Goal Setting

It is my professional observation that goals are rarely met without developing a plan of execution. Not everyone has the concentration or diligence to jump into the deep end and swim a gold metal race. It requires preparation and baby steps in most cases.

From your vision statement you know you have specific goals you wish to achieve. Now you back track and research the actual steps required to accomplish that task. Each step should build up to and support the next. Then, put those steps on your calendar, integrate them into your schedule.

Remember… it is the journey, not the destination, where you live each moment. So, only pursue activities that are life-affirming and satisfying. Even the most challenging tasks can turn to joy when you realize they are part of your soul’s purpose.

Look at me…although I do not identify as being a writer, I focus on the joy I feel being able to share my passion and wisdom with you. Even more challenging, as a Forest Mystic who prefers to hide in the woods, my mission to transform the world pushes me beyond my comfort zone to interface and connect with you and the world at large. If I can do it, I know you can as well.

Additional resources for fulfilling your soul’s purpose…

Previous weblogs I have written that compliment this topic:

What is Desire?

Soul Purpose “The Call to Adventure”

Authors I admire who write on this topic:

Barbara SherWishcraft

Carl CallemanThe Purposeful Universe

Danielle LaPorteThe Desire Map

Debbie FordThe Best Year of Your Life

James P. Wells Tarot for Manifestation

Laurie Beth Jones — The Path

Lee IrwinAlchemy of Soul

Rick Warren — The Purpose Driven Life

Here is a great TED Talk on “How to Know Your Life Purpose” with Adam Leipzig


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