James Wanless – the Sacred Masculine

NEWS FLASH…around August 14th James suffered from a street attack near his home and is in the hospital, slowly recovering. If you can, please send your love to his healing…and if financial support is an option, here is his fundraising campaign…link here.

I’ll admit it…Tarot reading is often associated with women, yet I’ve had the wonderful good fortune to know many fabulous men, and male-identified people who bring such talent and creativity to this world. If I were to make a wild guess, I’d say that around 20-25% of the Tarot readers, teachers, or writers are of the male persuasion, which brings more balance to our mix.

"Men of Tarot" BATS 2012
Bay Area Tarot Symposium (BATS) 2012

I love them all…but have to say one of my very favorite men in Tarot is James Wanless, aka “Captain Pick-a-Card”, who created the Voyager Tarot. I’ve been a fan of his deck since I first purchased it around 1986, when it became my essential go-to deck…and still is!! I could write volumes about this Tarot deck, but, for now, let’s focus on James.

After playing and deep diving into the Voyager Tarot cards and books for years, I had my first opportunity to meet and study with James in 1990. That was a wonderful inspiration to dive further as I worked with his “StarTree: Voyager Tarot Self-Development Course” (now available online).

Here it is, 32 years later, and our paths have crossed multiple times as we have become friends and peers. Whether presenting at a Tarot conference, teaching in Portland, Oregon, or just getting together for a meal, I always enjoy being with James and admire his mind, energy, creativity, and especially his enthusiasm for life and all things Tarot!

For years, I’ve been wanting to invite James as the guest teacher for my Annual Tarot Retreat, and with The Sacred Masculine being the theme for this 26th event, I pursued James, for I know there couldn’t be a better mentor to help us all revision “IV The Emperor” and transform this archetype from negative associations to the powerful essence it is meant to be.

What a delight to know that James will join us for this online event, and is all in with his topic “Kill the Emperor!” Wow!!

The Tarot Retreat is an experiential circle, not a classroom, where folks gather for fun, play, and to work deeply on our inner relationship with the theme, this year being our Sacred Masculine selves.

Here is a direct link for more information about the 26th Annual Tarot Retreat, produced through my Global Meetup Circlelink here…and gathering in my Zoom room.

To register, be sure to follow these instructions:

  • Select the “Attend online” red button
  • Scroll down to the PayPal payment link. As paying, be sure to include your Zoom and Meetup names and “Tarot Retreat” in the notes, so I’ll be able to match you across all formats. TY
  • Once registration is complete, there is a direct Zoom link on the GMC – Tarot Retreat page for attending the Friday “Meet & Greet” session.

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