Personal Sovereignty vs. The Government

Lately, there is a lot of talk about health sovereignty, whether it be one’s choice about being “Vaccinated” or the quality of food one eats. I would extend this conversation to all issues of sovereignty, human autonomy, and the freedom of choice. There is a huge philosophical and ethical question in the background, too big for this short blog, but something I wish to stir up a bit to get us thinking, feeling, and talking. I realize there is another angle that looks at spiritual or religious beliefs, but will leave that for a future conversation.

To preface this conversation, I prefer to view each of the following questions from the perspective that individual sovereignty is not gained at your expense or harm. In other words, a sovereign person takes responsibility for their choices and will not intentionally harm you or put you in any real harms way.


  1. What is the line between my bodily choices and the collective body’s choice?
    • Example #1: If I prefer organically grown food (non-GMO, CCOF/Oregon Tilth standard), but the government/capitalist economy depends upon food exports and wants to produce the cheapest quality of food in the most visually appealing way, with no concern for taste, wholistic nutrition, the future of the soil, or the drift of chemical sprays and/or GMO seeds onto neighboring fields/homes, who has the greatest right here?
    • Example #2: If I take responsibility for the care of my own health and make choices that resonate with my body’s needs, but the government imposes a medical mandate (of any kind) that assumes it has the better choice for the collective health, should I sacrifice my body, my life, for the government’s view (or propaganda)? [side note – the question behind this example is…based on what science, and who really stands to profit?]
    • Example #3a: If a woman believes she has sovereignty over whether to carry an embryo to full term, until it can breathe and eat without her uterus, does the government or other collectives (religions/churches) have more rights than a woman over her bodily/health choices? [side note – if the government has rights over a woman’s body, then do they also have responsibility for the “Life” they forced into being…or the death of the mother—which can happen in pregnancy or childbirth—which could then be considered a form of “homicide/murder”?]
    • Example #3b: If a woman is raped and then forced by the government, or other collectives (religions/churches), to take the resulting pregnancy to full term, who is responsible for the health and wellbeing of that woman? What if she becomes ill, can’t work, can’t care for her family in ways she would normally do, becomes homeless, and/or dies? Who is responsible for the choice to carry this pregnancy? [side note – the woman did not choose to be raped, nor chose to have a baby at that time, so whose choice is this? And the obvious question, who is responsible for the resulting baby/human? Could one argue in court that “rape” is attempted murder, since pregnancy carries the risk of death? Then, would killing a potential rapist be a legitimate “self-defense” against someone who attempted to kill you?]
    • Example #4: If there are individuals who have sensitivities to Electromagnetic Frequencies (EMF), Cellular Signals, Radio Frequencies (RF) and other such artificially emitted wavelengths, but the government and communication’s networks want to expand and increase the bandwidth of the EMF/RF, who is responsible for the health of the people and wildlife who experience severe reactions to this technology that is broadcast almost everywhere? Do people have a right to have specific non-EMF/RF communities where they can have peaceful and healthy lives.
    • Example #5: If one’s sexual preferences extend beyond the binary status quo for the country, does the government, or the collective, have a right to step into one’s private life?

2. If the government has dominion over one’s health and body sovereignty, what else can they take or control, with little or no notice?

I’ll leave you with these ideas and concerns, with the hope that it stimulates conversations in your circle. If you wish to have a conversation with me, please feel free to respond. I welcome your ideas, yet I have boundaries around how it is delivered, i.e. done with respect. I believe in healthy boundaries!

Tangentially related to this post is one I created a few years ago about choices I made in my menstruating years to manage my health, fertility, and pregnancy choices. Link here

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