Equinox Tarot/oracle “Garden” Spread

Sometimes I surprise myself, or rather, the Divine surprises me with sudden downloads of what I should be sharing with you. This happened yesterday when I was preparing for my FREE quarterly Global Meetup Circle “Meet & Greet” (solstices & equinoxes) where folks gather online from around the world to socialize, talk shop, “Show & Tell” about their latest projects as well as deck or book acquisitions, followed by a unique, seasonal reading that I have created…or downloaded, most likely.

In celebration of the Equinox, I’d like to share this creative spread for manifestation with you…


  1. Grab your favorite deck and spread the cards, face up.
  2. Take a moment to meditate upon the following, then create these 4-5 piles:
    1. In the garden of my life, for the next period of time (season, year, etc.), what do I need to “prune”, or cut back?
    2. What goes into the compost pile, what is no longer needed, or I no longer wish to put energy into?
    3. What new seeds do I wish to plant in my garden and nurture for the future?
      • Which are “perennials” (long-term), or carried over from before?
      • Which are “annuals” (short-term)?
    4. Discard pile.
  3. Without thought, intuitively go through your pile of cards and begin to separate them into the above 4-5 categories.
  4. Once done, pick up one pile at a time and tell their story, including as many cards as you like, then place in the discard pile.
  5. Pull out your journal and reflect on what you learned in this process.

Katrina’s flower garden

I realize there may be a Spring Equinox bias in this spread, but if you are entering the Fall Equinox, you can put more emphasis on the pruning and composting of completed projects, then dream into the next year’s new seeds/projects.

Having an international group that reached across multiple time zones and latitudes, it was interesting to hear garden stories about when folks actually plant and harvest their garden. Feel free to customize this process to better match your natural flow.

Have fun!

If you’d like to join our next Global Meetup Circle online gathering, we’d love to have you!

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