Ancestral Trauma & Healing with Tarot

One of my Professional Tarot Consulting students, during our group supervision session, requested that I offer a workshop on this topic, “Ancestral Healing” with Tarot. What a great challenge! I checked in my guidance and it said “Absolutely Yes…it’s time!”

Over 35 years working with energy and healing, and 33 years of professional counseling training within a private practice, I’ve blended these skills in addressing trauma using effective spiritual technology for releasing the energy around past events…what I now call Sentient Clearing™.

In this online workshop, we’ll take a deep dive into Ancestral wounds, not as a way to sit in pain, rather, using our tools, such as Tarot cards, to free us from old attachments. This is a powerful healing process that I’ve been working with for many years and have now combined with Tarot and other spiritual tools to transform what no longer serves us.

Hope you can join us for this live workshop on Saturday, February 26th. If you can’t make the live session, you have the option of registering, then watching the recorded lesson from the workshop, available on my Vimeo page for the next month. I’ll record the lesson and the sample reading exercise, but will not be recording the attendees’ portion, to protect their privacy. I know you’ll like the useful handouts.

Ancestral Trauma and Healing with Tarot” is on my Global Meetup here.

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