25th Annual Tarot Retreat…Online!

** Are you ready to rejuvenate your energy and spirit?

** Would you enjoy communing with friendly people who share your passion for Tarot?

** Have you wanted to attend one of Katrina’s Tarot Retreats, but just couldn’t make it to Oregon, USA?

Well, now you can join with us online!! Katrina’s 25th Annual Tarot Retreat is offered exclusively through the Global Meetup Group as an international online experience…here!

The theme this year is…

III The Empress” – Healing Earth, Sophia & the Divine Feminine
Special Guest: Christine Payne-Towler

Unlike Tarot conferences and classes, Katrina’s Tarot Retreats encourage fun as well as a deep, intimate experiences using Tarot as our guide. No need for taking lesson notes or memorizing spreads, this is about stepping into the spread as the living embodiment of the energy of the cards.

Our time together is filled with exchanging the latest news, from decks and books, fun Tarot games, and integrating Tarot skills and wisdom. Each session is a “leader-full” experience with great information flowing among the participants. All levels of Tarot or oracle familiarity are welcome!

This popular retreat is on Zoom with four 3-hour sessions, including “Tarot Alive™”, an interactive Tarot actualization experience.

We are so pleased to have Christine as our guest with her special offering…

In honor of the Empress, and Great Mother Earth, we will be reviewing the legend of Sophia and her symbols as they appear in Tarot. The roots of the Sophianic inheritance have been spread through multiple cultures, so our first segment will be spent watching a slide show of Her appearances in Antiquity. After that we will interrogate the older Tarots and see how much of Sophia’s legacy has made its way onto their faces. We will complete our journey with a guided meditation to seed these ideas into our own Unconscious, welcoming the inspiration Sophia has traditionally gifted to Her followers.

As an international event, we stretch from the UK and Europe to Australia and points East. To accommodate everyone, we have repeat sessions on Saturday/Sunday, so you can attend one or both of these sessions. If our final registration does not include folks from Australia/East, we will remove the repeat sessions and add more time to others.

Christine Payne-Towler is a Tarot Scholar, author of “The Underground Stream; Esoteric Tarot Revealed”, writer of divinatory Tarot text on Tarot.com, and creator of “The Tarot of the Holy Light”.

– Everyone is welcome, yet some Tarot experience is preferable.
– Katrina will facilitate each session as a leader-full group for everyone has something of value to share.
– Registration closes one day before the event, or when the event is full.
– Limit is 22 registrants.

SCHEDULE – set in Pacific Time Zone (see conversion link, below)
1 pm – session #1a/b “Meet & Greet”
8 am – session #2a
12 pm – session #3a – “Tarot Alive™”
4 pm – session #2b
8 pm – session #3b – “Tarot Alive™”
10 am – session #4a – Christine “Sophia & Tarot”
3 pm – session #4b – Christine “Sophia & Tarot”

Check for your time zone:

There is still room and we’d love to have you join us. Bring a friend if you like.

Here is the link to find out more about this online event and to register: