Life Coaching with Tarot Cards – “Mapping Your Dream”

As a certified Life Coach and Master Tarot Teacher, for many years I’ve combined these two arts to guide clients in reaching their goals using Tarot cards as visual tools. So, you can imagine my excitement when several Life Coaches as students looking for ways to combine their love of Tarot with their honed skills coaching clients attended my online program, Professional Tarot Consulting Certificate Course: Level One. This inspired me to share this unique tool that I learned in psychotherapy training and have applied with Tarot cards for years.

I call this “Mapping Your Dream”, an exercise that combines Life Coaching, Jungian Sandplay Therapy, comic strip storyboard, vision board, and magical manifesting techniques inspired by wonderful people, training with Drs. Arnold and Amy Mindell in Process Work Psychology, Dr. Arthur Rosengarten‘s classic book Tarot and Psychology, as well as James Wells from his book, Tarot for Manifesting.

Life Coach – an advisor who helps people make decisions, set and reach goals, or deal with problems.

As any experienced Life Coach would know, in order to start this process, the client needs to have a clear “picture” or understanding of what they wish to change in their life and what their “dream” or end-goal would be like. These two states of awareness set the stage for the beginning and end of this mapping process.


  1. Create a “Comic Strip” with six boxes, numbered from top left to bottom right, 1-6.
  2. Have your Tarot deck spread out on a surface with all cards face up.
  3. Ask the client to select 1-3 cards that represent the end-goal that they are manifesting.
  4. Now, have the client select 1-3 cards that reflect where they are today.
  5. Help the client refine their cards by narrowing the story to one card each and place these cards on the “Comic Strip Storyboard” graph as follows: #1 – where they are today, and #6 – their dream realized/goal met.
  6. Now, ask the client to pick one card for each of the four remaining spaces that represent the sequence of “steps” needed to travel from the beginning to the goal.
Mapping Your Dream – by Katrina Wynne (Miniature Albano-Waite Tarot Cards, U.S. Games Systems, Inc.)

Once you have the goal and steps to accomplishing the goal, designated by the client, the client can then establish their timeline for reaching their goal and break down the steps into doable tasks, each with their own date for completion, adding resources and exercises for reinforcing the success of each step.

Why use Tarot cards in this exercise? As a Life Coach using Tarot, the cards become a tool to raise conscious awareness and reinforce personal responsibility in the client. It creates a mental picture for mapping out the steps they have chosen to reach their goal. I usually have the client take a photo of their map so they have a vision board to reinforce their manifesting process.

Some of the steps may represent obstacles the client needs to face or transform in order to move forward. Resources sought can involve referrals to other professionals who can assist the client in meeting the task in that step toward their goal. I train my Tarot students to have a “Referral List” with professionals they trust to assist clients on topics outside of their area of expertise, such as counseling, finances, legal, and health issues.


Process Work Psychology – Drs. Arnold and Amy Mindell

Tarot and Psychology – Arthur Rosengarten, Ph.D.

Tarot for Manifestation – James Wells

Professional Tarot Consulting Certificate Course: Level One – with Katrina Wynne, M.A.

Albano Waite-Smith Tarot deck can be purchased through US Games Systems.

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