Professional Supervison…online!

I’ve been teaching Tarot for over 30 years and used to offer live “Supervision” in-person sessions for my advanced students in Portland, Oregon. I really love guiding readers to stretch as they develop their personal style and expand their professionalism.

Are you ready to transform to a more professional Tarot/oracle reading style?

Imagine being in a circle of folks who share your passion for reading and sharing Tarot/oracle wisdom and skills, ready to practice and improve, learning from each other while being guided by the compassionate attention of a teacher with 50 years of experience with this powerful “Spiritual Technology.”

2020 brought a new opportunity to cyber-school-abilities…Zoom break-out rooms…light bulb moment for me! What a great opportunity for you to enjoy the group experience while also engaging in a private readings for honing your skills.

I’m excited to offer you Professional Supervision sessions, now on Zoom, and organized via my new “Global Meetup Circle”…link here…just look under the “Events” menu for the session that best matches your schedule.

Here are the details:

  • Professional Supervision , typically on a Saturday (Sunday in AUS & East).
  • 2-hour session
  • Format:
    • 30-40 minute “Special Topic”, chosen by attendees
    • 2 x 15 minute “Question & Answer” sections
    • 40+ minute “Practice Reading”, group or break-away room
  • Fee: $30/session ($250 value for 2 hr. private session), discounts available
  • Registration:
    • Select “Events” from the Global Meetup Circle menu
    • Read the page and select the “Attend Online” red button
    • Make your preferred Fee arrangement and pay
    • Add the date and Zoom room information to your calendar

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