Katrina’s Tarot & Oracle Global Meetup Circle

I’m one of those people where I wake up in the morning and Creator starts downloading information for me. Most often it is a song with a message or my tasks for the day, but lately it has been new Tarot/oracle programs and opportunities to provide for our cyberworld. As in the October 2020 weblog post, big ideas are coming through and once I jumped onboard with adding the Professional Tarot Consulting Certificate Course: Level Two to my schedule, so many wonderful study opportunities started knocking on my celestial door and I said “Yes!”

When this light bulb went off, I knew that starting my own Meetup group was the answer to organizing all these fabulous world-wide events, so my dear friend Cheryl Ryder of the Albuquerque Tarot Tribe Meetup group took my cyber-hand and showed me the ropes for using this platform which was originally designed to facilitate in-person gatherings around a shared topic, but now is very online savvy and the perfect home-base for these exciting offerings to come.

Look here for future posts on these new opportunities, or, better yet, join my new Global Meetup Circle.

So…dear Tarot and oracle friend…you are formally invited to join with me and Tarot Circle friends around the world in this new online venue: Katrina’s Tarot & Oracle Global Meetup Circle (or just Global Meetup Circle for short).

It is FREE to join and on a periodic basis fun, free events will be offered. In the planning stage are also some very exciting and unique fee-based study opportunities which I will be announcing in the coming months…so sign up and stay connected!

Blessed Be – Katrina

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