Professional Tarot Consulting: Level Two

As the veil is the thinnest between worlds at this time, I’ve been called forth and told the time has come for a more advanced intensive course for my Professional Tarot Consulting students…because you are ready!! I’m ready too and really excited as I design this next level of study to support you in being a “Transformative” Tarot/oracle consultant.

Transformational work has always been my reading style with Tarot and other oracles due to my spiritual and psychological background and profession, as is the focus of my book, An Introduction to Transformative Tarot Counseling. It’s been challenging to describe my style to others, for it is a unique experience that is not repeated…no cookie-cutter neat little readings here. In fact, you will notice that I do not post samples of these reading on social media as each is so different and deeply personal that if someone only saw one of my readings, they may miss the larger picture of what is going on in the background.

So, if understanding the subtle and profound workings of a transformative reading is what you are up for, please read on about this new training opportunity with me.

The Professional Tarot Consulting Certificate Course: Level Two (PTC-2) is offered as a 5-week intensive online course with personal supervision by me, including four live supervision sessions where I observe the students’ readings and guide them into deeper awareness and techniques.

The Study Group is an online classroom on Schoology where students work on posted Assignments, including Discussions, Books, and Exercises. This is an exciting platform where students interact with each other and expand their concepts of what reading cards (and people) can entail.

Three pre-recorded lessons are included in this package which provide the backbone of this advanced work. And, as always, for the best success it is recommended that students get an early start on watching the video recordings and read the two required books for the course…both available on Kindle.

This special offering for the PTC-2 is only available once per year—January 15th – February 19th—and has completion of the Professional Tarot Consulting Certificate Course: Level One (PTC-1) as a prerequisite. There is a waiting list for the PTC-2 for each year, so if you qualify, please contact me, Katrina Wynne, as soon as possible to be included in this exclusive training. [email –]

If you are interested in the PTC-1, great! Would love to have you in this 10-week intensive course, offered twice per year through Global Spiritual Studies, where I have all my 20+ recorded online courses, including my essential Beginning Tarot – Knowledge series.

I look forward to traveling together on this amazing journey called life! Many Blessings, Katrina

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