Katrina’s Tarot Articles

Not sure if you have noticed, but on this weblog site there is a menu item for the “Articles” I have written over the years. These articles can also be accessed on my TarotCounseling.org website…link here.

My most popular articles look at Tarot, counseling, and psychology, which, I contend, is a completely different style to what is popularly described as “Fortune-telling.” Check them out a see what you think.

In addition to these articles, I have published years of weblog posts with a wide variety of topics and experiences shared with you for your enjoyment and education. Be sure to take advantage of the “Search” box located on the right side of each page (could be in a different location on your device) to find a topic that interests you.

I hope these sharings inspire you in some way!

Many blessings, Katrina

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