2020 – Year of the Emperor

I can already see the expression of horror on your face!! What, a year where IV The Emperor reigns supreme? Some would say we already have enough Emperor-types in the world, now we have to go through an entire year with more of this influence?

Fear not, my friends, for these characterizations of IV The Emperor are only the personality that is sometimes embodied by this archetype, not the substance of the “4” vibration or the wonderful potentialities that it offers. But, it is important to look at this with both eyes, in fact, all THREE eyes, opened, as a friends recently added to which I agreed whole heartedly.

Whether you just focus on the numerology of 2020 (2+0+2+0=4), or expand this understanding with the Tarot card that represents this essence, IV The Emperor, you end up with the same message…2020 is a year of form, structure, building, boundaries and leadership.

What you do not see is the progression of numbers we were on (see last year’s post on “The Hanged One”…link here) where there was a double and a single digit number for each year. In other words, there is no “13” or XIII Death card this year…another sigh of relief…perhaps. If nothing else, it keeps things simple and on point.

The deeper question is how will you embrace these Emperor qualities rather than waiting for others to impose them upon you? How will 2020 be your year of leadership in your own experience of life? How will you re-examine the boundaries that you set (consciously or unconsciously we all have them) when interfacing with others and/or with yourself? What are you ready to build, that new foundation and direction for the rest of your life?

Things got turned upside-down last year with XII The Hanged Man, but it gave us an opportunity to see things from a brand new point of view, perhaps a spiritual and less intellectual perspective…more from the heart of III The Empress. Let that creativity and new energy we birthed last year carry forward with the protection and empowerment of the Emperor.

For an interesting perspective on the two sides of IV The Emperor as personified by two very visible leaders today, please visit my weblog post from 2011…link here.

Wishing us all the greatest success in our endeavors in 2020. May we all choose to empower ourselves and shine LoveLight upon others.

“IV The Emperor” card from Tarot of the Trees by Dana Driscoll

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