Energy and Tarot

I could write a book on this topic, but here is a small taste of what I see as the connection between Tarot cards and “Energy Awareness”, which is synonymous with “Spiritual Tarot” work in my world.

“…we are spiritual beings having a spiritual experience in a physical, energetic world. And that, to experience and live the fullness of our true nature, we must begin consciously living as beings of spirit—as energy beings—in this physical aspect of life.” — Dr. Sue Morter, The Energy Codes (2019)

Let’s start with the assumption that everything is energy, from a Quantum Field point of view. Here is how Brian Skinner attempts to introduce this theory, as if communicating with a 5 year old…

What are people made of?
People are made of muscles, bones, and organs.
Then what are the organs made of?
Organs are made of cells.
What are cells made of?
Cells are made of organelles.
What are organelles made of?
Organelles are made of proteins.
What are proteins made of?
Proteins are made of amino acids.
What are amino acids made of?
Amino acids are made of atoms.
What are atoms made of?
Atoms are made of protons, neutron, and electrons.
What are electrons made of?
Electrons are made from the electron field.
What is the electron field made of?

To this I would add the research and analysis of Bruce Lipton as shared in a dialogue with Gregg Braden in their article titled, A Romp through the Quantum Field, with the following two simple, yet profound concepts…

“Within every one of our bodies at this very moment, there are billions of stem cells, embryonic cells designed to repair or replace damaged tissues and organs.
“However, the activity and fate of these regenerative cells are epigenetically controlled. That means they are profoundly influenced by our thoughts and perceptions about the environment. Hence our beliefs about aging can either interfere with or enhance stem cell function, causing our physiological regeneration or decline.” — Bruce Lipton

“I believe any process that expands self-consciousness and allows us to observe and interact with our subconscious minds will open the gateway for change. With conscious awareness, we can actively transform our lives so they are filled with love, health and prosperity. ” — Gregg Braden

Now let’s bring in our work with Tarot cards, as a therapeutic and spiritual tool. When we move away from predictive readings that rely upon memorization, we can allow the deeper experience of working with the card’s “Essence” to take the foreground, as with the work of Swiss Analyst, Carl Jung, and, later, Arnold Mindell, the dreaming of the cards can come to life in a purely subjective way for the client to illuminate a part of their personal or the collective psyche that wishes to be more conscious in that moment. This approach allows us to have a direct channel to releasing the subconscious mind, rather than suppress this energy with cognitive labels.

This free-flowing style supports the change that was sought by approaching a card reading, but not by providing an answer for the client, but, rather, by supporting their own process of transforming. For more on this topic, please read my weblog post “Is Tarot Only for Answers?

So, in order to tap into this quantum field awareness with Tarot, my attitude is that each card represents an essence that can be embodied uniquely by each querent and in the moment. In other words, the card is not stagnant, it has a life force, or energy, that touches the client in a unique way in that moment when awareness is triggered by the card. In this sense, I’m not a reader, I’m a facilitator for this potential experience between the client, the cards, and the energy of life.

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