The Third Half of Life

When I teach about the “Sacred Journey of Your Soul” using the template of the major arcana card’s sequence in Tarot cards, I follow a classic developmental division of three phases or areas of life—Personal, Interpersonal, Transpersonal.

Personal – Learning about life, your strengths and challenges, relating with others, and the courage to grow beyond the known and familiar in life.

Interpersonal – is the heart of the “Dance of Duality” where we bounce off of or swing between one side or another, be it right/left, up/down, inner/outer, male/female, masculine/feminine, me/you, mine/yours, us/them, work/play, life/death, and finally, material/spiritual.

Transpersonal – releasing the illusion of identity as merely human and embracing the Great Divine, the Matrix, the Quantum Field.

As I just turned 63, I clearly identify with the third area of life, the Transpersonal. Although my life’s work has been steeped in the wisdom of transformation and its power to support myself and others, my everyday awareness is now enveloped and permeated with a more vibrational knowing and living as a transformed being…a constant process.

This push to embrace more completely my spiritual path has interesting stepping stones as I look back. Two years ago I lovingly informed my teachers of the past 28 years, Drs. Arnold and Amy Mindell, that it was time for me to leave their work. I so appreciate what I have learned and experienced on that part of my journey, especially listening to and following the Sentient Body. They prepared me well with the psychotherapeutic knowledge and skills of Process Work.

Then, over a year ago, I informed my local community I was retired from my Soulful Counseling client practice which I had consistently provided since 1992. I followed this by discontinuing local advertising for my counseling services and removing my business listing from the Yellow Pages. I was just following my inner guidance about where my attention should be, which opened the door to new and wonderful opportunities that clearing support the next phase of my spiritual journey.

In the following weblog posts I shared the shifts and new services that have emerged from this transitioning phase in my life’s work:

This is the most wonderful and exciting part of my journey and I feel so blessed.

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