2019 Tarot Retreat Triangle

After 22 years of producing and facilitating Tarot Retreats, they have now expanded across the US so more Tarot friends can enjoy this intimate way to “experience” the wisdom of Tarot.

Originating in Oregon in 1997, Katrina’s heart-centered Tarot Retreats bring Tarot enthusiasts together in a creative and inclusive way that trusts the wise one in each of us to be able to play and deeply reflect upon ourselves and our lives as we join a circle of equally wonderful souls.

As an extra treat, each year Katrina invites a special guest to join in the circle. Tarot luminaries such as Christine Payne-Towler, Ellen Lorenzi-Prince, and Gina Thies have graced us with their presence and wisdom, as well as bringing their fabulous decks and books for us to enjoy.

What is so wonderful about adding the New York Tarot Retreat this year is how close it is to our Eastern Canadian Tarot community, which has been growing exponentially. Just a couple of hours south of the border and you are in the rolling green hills of eastern New York state, between the Adirondack Park and the Green Mountain National Park.

We sincerely hope you can join us at one of the events this year!

Registration is open…just follow these links for more information and how to register:

May 4 & 5, 2019

OREGON TAROT RETREAT – Breitenbush Hot Springs (BHS), near Detroit
September 8-11, 2019

NEW YORK TAROT RETREAT – near Saratoga Springs
September 28 & 29, 2019

Advantages and disadvantages of these retreats:

  • Great way to network and meet like souls in our Tarot Tribe.
  • Engages the heart and soul, more than the mind—a true experiential retreat.
  • A private and intimate setting where you can go more deeply into your personal exploration with Tarot…with professional supervision.
  • Very reasonably priced and various discounts are offered, affordable for most everyone! No fee for the Texas Tarot Party!
  • Set in nature away from city life and most modern conveniences, such as cell phone service. Usually has access to electricity. Access by car is a necessity.
  • Wonderful healthy meals, mostly organic and vegetarian, are included. May need to bring your own coffee in some locations (Oregon).
  • Basic accommodations are included with the fee for New York Tarot Retreat. At the Annual Oregon Tarot Retreat, BHS offers a variety of accommodations, from bringing your own RV or tent, to private or shared cabins with or without a half-bath. Texas Tarot Retreat is a free “party” since it does not include accommodations, but is close to reasonably priced B&Bs and motels.
  • Ride share arrangements are offered.
  • No alcohol, smoke or drugs.
  • Challenging locations for some physical abilities. No cement sidewalks, very few ramps (ramps at Oregon Tarot Retreat). May have a step or more to enter some facilities. A few chairs and tables, most sit on the floor. Check with Katrina to determine accessibility. Deep apologies for these limitations, but it is a trade-off for having these retreats so close to nature.

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