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A little known aspect about me is my special interest in learning and practicing energy awareness and skills. My continuing education and experience in this area spans over 30 years and touches all of my services. This past year I have been expanding my scope and technique to include the amazing work taught by John Newton, what he calls Health Beyond Belief.

“The world is ready for another renaissance – a time when more and more of us become aware of our abilities through the connection to Source energy and begin manifesting consciously. Begin manifesting with heart.” — John Newton

I am so passionate about this new and immediate way of clearing old vibrations that no longer serve us, clearing not only our life experiences of suffering and trauma—those old stories and beliefs that keep us stuck in undesirable patterns—but also clearing this energy that effects our family and ancestors.

Here is a link to a weblog post from John Newton about the effects of this deep forgiveness process upon our ancestors and unresolved issues that effect us:

How Past Experiences From Your Ancestors Effect You Today

Throughout 2018 to today, I have been studying with John Newton, participating in several of his workshops and trainings, then received a certificate in Health Beyond Belief. He really does prepare us for expanding the scope of this service, a benefit to all humanity and the planet as a whole.

If you would like to learn more about my loving devotion to clearing old patterns that keep us from being our most wonderful selves and perhaps are ready to experience this amazing opportunity yourself, please visit my new website to schedule a FREE  20-minute session:

Light, Love & Blessings, Katrina


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