2019 – Don’t Forget the Hanged One!

Most everyone who writes about the significance of the year 2019 focuses on the “3”, which is what 2+0+1+9 reduces to as a single digit. But…in Tarot Numerology, we pay attention to all 22 numbers of the Major Arcana and this year when we do the math, “12” is our first result, then we add 1+2 to reach the 3, which gives us additional insight into the challenges we are facing (or not, if one chooses to turn their back, as in the featured image).

The Tarot trump associated with 3 is III The Empress, who embodies all the delightful qualities that have been enthusiastically shared, such as creativity, abundance, and unconditional love…sweet!! We think of her as the “Mother” of the Tarot, also known as “Mother Earth” who graces us with her abundance. She is seen as being pregnant, the physical act of creating new life. And, in most Tarot systems she is associated with Venus (Aphrodite) with all her sensual traits.

What about the 12? XII The Hanged Man or Hanged One has a very different energy and meaning than the always nurturing Empress. When a Handed One year arrives in my Pathworking with Tarot Numerology system, we also need to pay attention to the fact that one’s world, or THE world, will be turned upside down at some point. What we assumed is the way will be challenged and possibly ripped away from us in some surprising manner. My slogan for this process is “You can’t get there from here.” for the path before you is gone, yet you need to trust your way through the abyss somehow.

Where creativity is a keyword for the Empress, sacrifice is the theme for the Hanged One. What is being sacrificed is our egoic idea of who each of us are and attachments we have to life being the “same as usual.”

Now for the gifts in this lesson… first, while upside-down, like the fellow in the photo, if we open our eyes, we certainly have an opportunity to see life from a different point of view, which can be truly enlightening if we allow this fresh vision. Then, the Empress steps in, like a midwife, the sacred doula, to love us through whatever the change may be, supporting our rebirthing process.

Fortunately, next year will not be a XIII Death year, only the IV Emperor, so we can all breathe a sigh of relief.


Image derived from Caulton Morris …thank you!

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