Significator Cards in Tarot

Did you know there are over 30 ways to use Tarot “Significator” cards in readings to signify the querent, their concerns, or issues around them? In a typical reading, this is the first card selected and sets the foundation for the entire reading.

Follow this link to register for my new webinar on “The Significance of Significators in Tarot Readings“…live this Tuesday, November 13, 6 pm PST, also available as a recording.

Back in 2016 (yes, feels like ages ago, HaHa) at Readers Studio (the largest Tarot conference in the world), held in the New York City area, I offered a study group on this topic which inspired my extensive research on the depth and breadth of this unique area of Tarot reading. Ever since then I have been wanting to make this information available to a greater audience and, as you may know by now, my favorite way to reach the world is through producing webinars—live, then recorded online classes—through Global Spiritual Studies, the place to go for online course on Tarot and more.

In a previous weblog post I summarized the topics covered. Here is the link to that page, The Significance of Significators. This gives you the breakdown of what is covered in the webinar of the same name. Since I am squeezing all this information into one 1.5 hour class, I only focus on the use of Tarot cards as Significators.

If there is a demand for Part 2 where we review the use of significator cards in other oracles, such as Playing Cards and Petite Lenormand readings, I would be happy to produce that in the coming year. Just send me an email with your recommendations, thanks!

Appreciation to James Ricklef for the permission to use images from his “RWS 2.0 Cards” Tarot deck.


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