Health and Little Fasts

When my Medical Intuitive recommended that a fast once a week I jumped for joy for this made so much sense to me and my natural eating habits, which is more “Mood & Discipline” than regime.

Typically for me, my body just doesn’t feel like eating sometimes. But…after years of self-awareness and watching my physical needs, I have learned how to better support my body and have developed the discipline to not randomly skip too many meals, although that may be my desire in the moment.

Sometimes I associate this mood eating style with the Sagittarius Moon in my astrological birth chart, that creative and mood-oriented side of me. But..I’m not a moody person, it means I check with my body’s mood before partaking in certain foods or activities.

The Zone Diet and other dietary programs recommendations state that we need three meals per day and preferably with a balance of proteins, carbohydrates and healthy fats in each meal. There are exceptions, such as the Atkins Diet and others that reduce food groups, such as carbohydrates, but my understanding is that they are meant for short-term changes, not as a life-style.

Now I have learned that there is a whole new science of health that promotes the benefits of fasting at least one day per week (see links below). I had followed the wisdom that recommended an extensive fast at least once per year and enjoyed this cleansing. But wow…to fast once a week feels great to my body and my mind.

Of course, whenever it comes to your personal health, be sure to consult your medical/health support resource/s.

Last, but not least. Many of us are highly privileged with access to food and nutritional as well as health resources. I recently listened to Amma (Mata Amritanandamayi) speak on this topic and her wisdom was to eat what you need and share the rest. This also makes a lot of heart-sense…finding ways to share food with others less fortunate or in need. So instead of the money you may have spent on your meals for one day, what if that resource was shared with others?

Here are links to general information about “Intermittent Fasting”:
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Five Healthy Reasons You Should Fast Once per Week – Jonathan J. Ohana
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