Why My Webinars are So Powerful

Yes, my webinars truly are powerful and I take pride in my work. Each recorded online class is a small book in itself with more images than found in most modern books, a video of me teaching and speaking with you personally, and many illustrative handouts. Each webinar includes exercises and is followed with excellent references for taking your studies further.

“I can testify to all that Katrina is saying here, having taken some of her webinars and I highly recommend them, speaking as a Tarot creator, author, teacher and reader for 35 years.” — Steve Hounsome, www.tarottherapy.co.uk

Why do I prefer this format to writing books? As an oracle, dreamer, and visually-oriented person, and knowing that a picture speaks a 1000 words, I find that producing a PowerPoint presentation filled with rich and significant images transmits the message much more effectively than the pages it might take me to describe the same idea. There is often a soul recognition from the viewer to the recorded image that transcends words, as if the viewer is having a personal experience with the material being shared. In essence, it is close to producing a documentary film, with less editing.

Writing can be so dry while it speaks only to the mind or overly entertaining in order to get the attention of your emotional body…while imagery, much like the power of working with Tarot/oracle cards, connects directly with your soul.

The added bonus of experiencing me teaching via video allows you to hear the tone in my voice, the inflection of my words, which adds another dimension to your understanding of the information. Although I am following a script when teaching dense pieces of information or reciting quotes, I often share spontaneous thoughts that bubble up and feel more pertinent to the viewers when recording the lesson…it is a dance between both sides of my brains, and perhaps yours as well.

I plan to go back to writing a few books on my to-do list, but so thrilled to have put out some of my important lessons, the ones I feel most excited about, in my 20 webinar/recorded online classes, available as downloads (or shipping options) at the Global Spiritual Studies online school.

To date, my most popular online study opportunity is the Professional Tarot Consulting Certificate Course, offered twice each year (March/September) as an 8-week, supervised online study group. Here is a link for more information:

Be sure to look for future live webinar opportunities as well for I try to record at least one per year.

Here is a sample webinar/recorded online class from the Beginning Tarot series:

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