Tarot says…Toot My Own Horn!

I was sharing a demonstration 1-card Tarot reading with my Professional Tarot Consulting Certificate Course students today and received a very strong message in my reading to “Toot my own horn” and get over my shyness to broadcast my passion for Tarot and oracles through the many services and events I offer. So, as they say, one should practice what they preach, which in my case I need to follow the wisdom of my reading and show my deep-hearted excitement about sharing the vastness of my wisdom and well-earned knowledge.

One of the most resourceful tools I have developed for all levels of Tarot and oracle interest are my many recorded online classes available on Global Spiritual Studies. Each lesson is chocked full of information with a colorful and illustrative PowerPoint presentation, exercises, and many supportive handouts. The beauty of this format is that you can study at your own pace and review as often as you like.

Here is a link to my website with more information about these fantastic offerings:

I know your relationship with Tarot, oracles and the art of reading
will be greatly enhanced by my recorded lessons.

My heart embraces each client I work with, an image that came through clearly in my sample reading with the Ace of Cups. This is an intimate and direct way to interact in a deep and unique way with Tarot from my transformational expertise. Take advantage of this invitation to schedule a reading, either in-person, Skype, or phone with me.

This is a great time to contact me while I am between Tarot events.
Private sessions with Katrina

Speaking of Tarot events, my Annual Oregon Tarot Retreat has a few openings available for the September 9-11, 2018 dates. This is an opportunity to gather in a healing environment (Breitenbush Hot Springs) with a group of wonderful Tarot enthusiasts ready to go deeply into a more personal relationship with Tarot wisdom, facilitated by moi with special guest, Gina Thies.

For more opportunities to exchange or learn with me, please visit my annual schedulelink here! I may be coming to your area, especially if you live in the Montreal, Canada area or Eugene, Oregon, USA. You can also contact me to be included in my private newsletter list for your area of the world…I travel and teach!

Thank you to James Wanless for the use of his Voyager Tarot card image, “Ace of Cups”

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