Discount on Recorded Online Classes

15% OFF discount through February 17, 2018 on my Global Spiritual Studies webinar series, “Professional Tarot Consulting Certificate Course“, and find just what you have been looking for to enhance your knowledge and reading skills. To claim the discount, enter ‘PTCCP15’ (no apostrophes) in the coupon code field and select ‘Apply coupon’.

Did you know that I have 19 recorded online classes on topics from Beginning Tarot to Advanced topics such as Tarot and Astrology? My topics cover Counseling Skills, Developing Your Intuition, and starting your own Tarot Consulting Business.

My latest contribution to this growing body of excellent work is the Spiritual and Biblical Roots of Tarot, reviewing the history of spiritual, religious and philosophical influences that inform the imagery and meaning in Tarot cards.

I also offer several recorded webinars with powerful and practical ways to read the cards for the deepest understanding of the cards and the querent. My most popular is Pathworking with Tarot Numerology.

There are also a few FREE offerings on my Global Spiritual Studies webinar page, so have fun and check them out!


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