Resolution is not enough…

The advertising and hype about making new year resolutions and changing your life significantly are like fluffy clouds that are unattainable. To be fair, it can be the first step, but it is not all there is to the story of making real changes in your life.

Resolution is when you make the mental connection between a desired goal and the need to commit. But that commitment needs to be supported with a plan of action and doable steps, each an accomplishment in itself, and on schedule!

Much like in my “Life Coaching” service, the idea is to first identify the real need, not the imposed need from outside sources, for real needs are an inside job, something that supports your life force and soul purpose.

For example, the typical resolution is to change one’s current body weight, get healthy, etc. These terms are like the flashing advertising signs that grab one’s attention, but are so shallow they have no substance. What one may actually wish to consider is establishing healthier ways of living, perhaps an exercise routine, and/or changes in eating habits. One begins to get closer to an actual goal. Rather than making the goal a particular weight or clothing size, the focus turns to feeling healthier, having more energy and vitality, being at home in one’s own body.

The next step is designing a program that divides this new goal into smaller, attainable feats that can be checked and adjusted for better success as time progresses. This is usually woven into one’s current schedule in a seamless way that shifts time management toward more sustainable activities, like walking 30 minutes a day, planning balanced meals, watching less entertainment, etc.

Inevitably, blocks to success are encountered and are best examined with a supportive outside resource, such as a Life Coach, support group, counseling, or other services.

This is only a brief overview and reminder of the simple, yet powerful steps to making the desired changes in your life. Please follow the links in this article for further ideas and support to set your focus on being your most wonderful self…at any time.

May you have a happy and prosperous new year!