Spiritual Roots of Tarot – webinars

In 1999 I met Robert O’Neill at the International Tarot Symposium (ITS) in Chicago, IL and was totally captivated by his presentation where he demonstrated the relationship between specific Biblical passages and images in classic and Waite/Smith Tarot cards. This triggered a deep interest in me to continue to research and uncover more of these historical connections, from scouring exhibits at museums around the world to stumbling upon the “Dance of Death” images while visiting a friend in Luzerne, Switzerland (below).


Over these 18 years I have followed the many threads that have woven together the image of our 78-card deck called Tarot. The individual threads are more entwined than one might imagine, making the connection between Tarot and spirituality as vital as any spiritual or religious book of wisdom, including Judaic and Christian texts.

It is my hope that examining the spiritual roots of Tarot will elucidate for many just how sacred and important these 78 Portraits of the Divine in each of us are as living embodiments of the energy that flows through us all, coming to life as we meditate and/or act upon their wisdom and message. When institutions or individuals, such as Doreen Fortune, condemn the Tarot to merely a fortune-telling device, the precious baby is clearly discarded with the bathwater.


It is with great excitement that I share with you that Global Spiritual Studies (GSS) hosted my basic introduction to this material in two recorded online seminars:

  1. Spiritual Roots of Tarot
  2. Biblical Roots of Tarot

Each seminar has a colorful and illustrative PowerPoint presentation, video and verbal lesson from Katrina, powerful exercises, and very helpful handouts.

To purchase either or both of these recorded online classes, please follow this link to view the GSS “Spiritual Roots of Tarot” webpage and scroll down to the bottom to select your viewing preference.

For more information about Katrina Wynne, please visit her website:TarotCounseling.org

“Dance of Death” image from Katrina Wynne

“XVI TEMPERANCE” card image from Katrina’s original Albano-Waite Tarot deck.

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