Solar Eclipse on the Oregon Coast



Tiffany gazing into the face of the solar eclipse.

IMG_4013August 21, 2017 on the Central Oregon Coast was unusually still the few days prior to and absolutely quiet during the period between 10:15 – 11 am. Residents and visitors throughout our county had stepped outside from their homes, work, or camped out in optimum locations to view this rare celestial occurrence. With special sun-gazing glasses we all stared at that bright orb in the sky as it was gobbled up by the moon, which is approximately 400% smaller, yet the perfect size from Earth’s perspective to just cover the solar disk to reveal its spectacular corona shooting out as if a divine halo.

IMG_4048I was fortunate to be able to spend time with friends at their land, above the coastal fog line, within the umbra of the solar eclipse, a completely unobstructed, picturesque view of this event. Thanks Tiffany, Matt and Vivian!!

In addition, the party started days before with music, celebration, and comradery, continuing through the eclipse with improvisational music finely tuned to the energy of this cosmic transition.

I had my own descriptions for the different phases of the eclipse, based on how it appeared to my eyes, in order of appearance: dent, mouse bite, Pacman, crescent sun, cosmic smile/or Cheshire Cat smile, peek-a-boo, divine halo, cosmic crown, sun banana, Ms. Pacman, last mouse bite, exit blip.



Before the eclipse, scientists and other authorities warned us not to use photographic devices without the proper lenses or protection. I just used my special sun-gazing glasses and covered the lens of my iPad 3 to take the following amateur image of the “crescent sun” phase of the eclipse.



Around the same time, while taking photos of the landscape with the eclipse in the background, I stumbled upon an anomaly created by my iPad…a mirror reflection of the solar eclipse phase in the image…seen here above the mountain range, which is actually the little valley where I live.


IMG_4113On the way home, traffic was bumper to bumper on all roads. After stopping by my local coop, Oceana Natural Foods, and finding this delightful pastry in honor of the eclipse, I drove south on Hwy. 101 to Yachats with massive traffic I had never seen before in this area, backed up for 20 miles as vehicles approached the coast south of Yachats with its twists and turns hugging the coastal mountain range like a mini Big Sur (California coastline).

I am so thankful for this unique experience and all the loving vibes focused on the same thing at the same time. It was a moment of earthly peace and cosmic bliss.


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