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Since 2013 I have had great fun creating and sharing a wealth of my knowledge by producing live and recorded webinars on Global Spiritual Studies (GSS), an online metaphysical school of sorts.

Much like writing a book, these creations take a great deal of research and writing, with the benefit of many visual illustrations to support the lessons. With Tarot and other oracles as the main topics, imagery is an important and powerful way to reach students to instill rapid understanding of the topics, something I find more challenging when limited to only writing. I’m known for packing a lot of information into just over an hour of webinar time, with many topics rolling over into two webinars.

My webinars show a display of me on video speaking directly to you beside an enlarged view of my PowerPoint (PP) presentation. You receive not only a copy of the PP slides, but many additional handouts. Throughout the webinars, there are exercises and opportunities to practice what is being taught. All you do is put the recording on pause, try the exercise, then resume when you are ready. Wish I could have done that back in college with my teachers, HaHa. And…you can watch the recordings as many times as you like!

As an added bonus, there are some free audio, video, and webinar features to give you a sample of my work, accessed directly from the GSS website.

Last, but not least, the webinars I have created are designed to compliment each other, addressing novice, advanced and professional level topics for practitioners of Tarot and other oracles, such as Lenormand.

For example, here are three titles that truly build upon each other and represent a complete set of in-depth and meaningful Tarot work:

  1. Sacred Journey of Your Soul – Through the Major Arcana of the Tarot
  2. Psychological Challenges in the Tarot’s Major Trumps
  3. Pathworking with Tarot Numerology

Also available in my webinars are three bundled series of webinars, one designed for beginners, while the other two for professional readers interested in the high art of reading, or those interested in learning the more esoteric side of Tarot and oracles:

For the advanced learner who is interested in the symbolic depths of Tarot and reading, I highly recommend these unique offerings:

Please visit my new website, which gives you easy access to learning about my webinars. If interested in more information or purchasing the webinars, there is a link to the GSS webpage for each choice. There you will find the prices and can add items to your shopping cart.

Global Spiritual Studies website with my webinars and registration:

Image of Katrina teaching a workshop at TarotCon in Dallas-2013 by Paul Nagy

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