Katrina’s 2017 Tarot Tour

This is the biggest Tarot Tour yet with three amazing conferences and my offerings at each…I’m so excited. Since I have three presentations to prepare, I will keep this brief.

March 3-5  Northwest Tarot Symposium (NWTS) Clackamas, Oregon (Portland)
Come on Friday afternoon for a fantastic panel discussion I am hosting on the topic of “Intuitive Development” with the wonderful wisdom of Mary K. Greer, Gina Thies, and Jayni Bloch.

April 15  Popular Culture Assoc./American Culture Assoc. (PCA/ACA) San Diego, CA
This is a unique gathering of Tarot and oracle scholars facilitated by Emily Auger under a special section titled “Tarot and Other Methods of Divination.” My presentation “Divination as Prayer, Reading as Ritual—the Spiritual Art of Tarot” within a full panel on “Speaking with the Divine: Spirit Communication through Divination.”

April 27  Tarot & Psychology Conference before Readers Studio New York City
What an incredible honor to be a presenter at the largest Tarot conference in the world, on a topic so close to my heart and expertise. My presentation is “Life is But a Dream: Jung, Process Work, and the Dreamtime in Tarot.” If you are on Facebook, feel free to join my event page for this presentation…here.

Arwyn Lynch and I had a fun exchange about the upcoming conferences on her vlog, ArwynTalks…here!